So that wasn’t terribly well thought out

That awkward moment when you write a depressing-ass post, then go home and remember what you spent the first couple of weeks of the expansion doing.

Oh yeah, that. Now I recall.

So I’ve been gathering pet achievements for the past week or so. Stream of consciousness below.

Don’t even bother trying to go for an Irradiated Roach if you aren’t alliance or playing an alliance alt. Why Blizzard in their infinite fucking wisdom persists in putting shit like this behind lvl 95 elite guards is beyond me. Also: why in the seven hells is it so rare when there are millions of non-battle variants swarming the area?

Roaches just want to be special. I think I now have rare variants of roaches ranging from Undercity to Northrend.

Scourged whelplings are a scourge. So far all I’ve gathered is that logging into the area right after a server reset gives you a good chance of getting one. Fffuuu…

Summer and winter pets required for the Kalimdor Safari. Fine, except that the winter pet doesn’t seem to be spawning. Or at least I’ve never seen it up in numerous laps of Winterspring to break the monotony of waiting for a Minfernal spawn.

Taking a flight path, seeing the ground below covered in Minfernals, and then rezoning once CRZ kicks in and flying back to see none up is goddamned heartbreaking. Blizz trolling level = infinite, and that isn’t a good thing when the result is this sort of frustration*.

Magic-type pets in general seem very rare. The most common among them seem to be the Oily Slimeling and the Twilight Fiendling, neither of which have actual magical attacks. Oh, and the Fiendling’s spawning grounds seem to suffer from phasing issues. If you want magic-type attacks, it seems, you need to look outside of the creature type. At the Kirin Tor Familiar, for instance, which is for no explicable reason an elemental. Or, as my brother pointed out, at Li’l Tarecgosa – a dragonkin with a host of potent magical attacks.

Speaking of Li’l T, I’m levelling her at the moment after getting my behind solidly whipped by the final Cataclysm-zone trainer. Spent ages playing with pets without actually advancing the questline beyond that absolute bastard and his geodes in Deepholm, then went back to do them last night after said brother got his Tamer title – and promptly stalled out as my team got thoroughly schoolfed by the Cataclysm Grand Master’s bloody moth. Gah. With magic on offense and a dragonkin defense, Li’l T will hard counter any flying type, though. I will not be humiliated again***.

That said, being overtaken while I was Safari’ing and then subsequently being stopped cold has made me question if I’m actually any good at this pet thing. Don’t care, it’s still the best.


Actually wait, isn’t that the point? Goddammit…


** There are any number of spawns that are subject to phasing issues. Good luck in Storm Peaks in particular.

*** This is probably not true.

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