Playing against type

WowInsider has a post up on the Nether Faerie Dragon, yet another pet that you’d expect from its skills would be a magic type but which is, in fact, a Flying type. Making it its own counter. So yeah, if you want a Magic pet? Look in any family that isn’t Magic.

Tarecgosa’s levelling well. Her Arcane Wrath sees much less use at higher level; it’s more of a finisher. Also, if you’re going to level her along with a pandaren monk like I did, try and remember that the Arcane Storms weather effect prevents any pet being stunned. Preferably take this into account before you hit lvl 18 and decide to replace the monk due to underperformance.

That monk ended up being replaced anyway on account of capturing a rare-quality Fel Flame. The Flame’s an elemental pet with the Dragonkin ability Scorched Earth. This changes the weather to render all pets Burning, and combos well with its Conflagrate – an already strong attack that does double damage if the target is Burning.

If this is sounding nasty as all hell, that’s only because it kinda is.

After a few hours of frustrating levelling in the old world, I ended up staying awake until past 1am after capturing the Flame, simply because my team – Tarec, a dead standard Spider and the Flame – is ridiculously strong, and was steamrolling over teams 2 levels above them. They’re all level 20 now, and barring sudden problems will hit 25 in the same team configuration.

I’ve got a couple of reservations about the Flame and Tarec’s stats – the Spider has about 1k health and a ludicrous speed stat, but the other two have somewhere over 1.6k hp each and have suffered accordingly in offensive terms. I’d previously abandoned an incredibly tough Roach due to its complete lack of damage, and would hate to see the same happen again. Balancing the issue is the fact that Tarec’s got a ramp-up mechanic in her damage, making longevity a damage increase; and the Flame relies on DoTs and has the synergistic attacks mentioned above. maybe I should be worrying about the Spider instead, since it seems every other pet has a speed-reduction ability.

Overall, picking the right group of pets to level is a hell of a quality of life improvement.

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