Step 1: set a goal

Step 2: achieve it.

Never said it had to be an *impressive* goal…

There’s an odd tendency for people to ask how, if you’re growling at your machine and proclaiming the dooms of seven Sodoms upon the whoring AI, you can possibly be enjoying yourself. It’s pretty simple. I wouldn’t be swearing about it if I didn’t care about it, and if I didn’t care then I’d be bored, not enjoying myself. If I’m cursing then I’m being challenged, which makes my achievements in overcoming the challenges matter to me, which makes my victories all the sweeter.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that the AI is just being a cheating bitch.

Aki was actually almost a disappointment after going through the guy from Kun-Lai, whose goat is absolutely goddamned ridiculous. It uses a Chew > Stampede combo, which very nearly kills any pet in the second round. Apparently Chew has been hotfixed to do half the damage that it did before, but I still caught around 1300 damage plus a 100% damage taken debuff in the first two rounds of combat. Lost my first match against him, which was actually the only loss I’ve endured since levelling my new team to 25. I did switch in a Huge Toad for a couple of the Pandaria masters – highly recommended to level an Aquatic of some sort for this stage – but as it turns out, my fears of lacking damage were completely unfounded.

Oddly enough I got the Tamer title without actually ever finishing the Eastern Kingdoms storyline. Seems it counts either of EK or Kalimdor toward the achieve. The cynic in me says it’s probably because Blizz realised they’d put an EK trainer in the middle of an Alliance city or something, but they wouldn’t do that, would they?

Wait, nevermind.


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