When does it begin?

Saturday night was the first time I’d stepped into Mogu’shan Vaults normal. It was also the first time our guild got a boss down. Try to remember, correlation doesn’t equal causation. (/flex)

Look at this bunch of badasses. Clearly the bosses should have just left their loot in a big chest at the start.

In truth, my performance was unsatisfactory. The image above is pure propaganda – I rode through a couple of pulls doing shameful damage on my (front and center) pally, then switched to my shammy to heal. First pull after was a kill, despite my tendency to stand in bad – at one point even having to ankh due to blowing two cobalt mines at once. Nope, just setting one off isn’t good enough – I have to run into the overlap. Not to mention pulling the lowest healing overall. This is pretty much unacceptable.

One of our tanks had to leave early and we didn’t have a stand-in, so I didn’t get to redeem (?) myself on Feng. Oh well. Oddly enough, it’s only really now that we have a boss down that it feels like the expansion’s started. I stepped out of the raid and pretty much immediately went and did the last few dailies to get me to Revered with the despicable Golden Lotus, then did everyone else’s dailies as well for good measure. It was motivating.

Don’t worry, fel flame. You’ll always have earth to scorch here.

So yeah. The pet battle posts won’t be going anywhere, but I’m hoping the “ooh la la we killed boss X” posts will be making a reappearance as well.

As for the pet battle posts… I’m getting pretty sick of waiting for weather to happen. Parked characters out in Storm Peaks and in Tanaris to hunt the elusive weather-dependent pets, and checked in regularly. No dice. Either it didn’t sand- or snowstorm once over the weekend, or I’m just never around when it does.

The Scourged Whelpling finally fell into my wretched claws this morning before work. Two spawned right in front of me at the same time, so I suspect it’s one of the annoying types that spawns a couple at a time which one person goes through in minutes and then disappears for the rest of the day. The specimen I got was an uncommon. Given the critter’s useful skills, I almost can’t wait for upgrade stones to enrarenate it.

All in all, a fairly successful weekend.

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