Crit playin’ games with my heart

Drythorn’s been making stuttering, halting progress with the factions post-Golden Lotus. Hell, he’s even been into Heart of Fear LFR, which for some reason reminds me of BoT. Ilvl is now all the way up to 475, which isn’t too bad considering the first time I tried to raid on him I was still cheating with tank pieces to get into LFR at all.

So in celebration I’ve been playing something else. Of course. Except for some reason I took it into my head that now would be a good time to try out a guardian druid again. Because that went so well last time.

This time ’round, though… well, I’ve hit lvl 87 and haven’t found any glaring issues. My damage is pretty awful, and I’m sure there’s a button I’m missing somewhere*… but overall, bear seems a much more friendly spec than before. Even dungeons aren’t as daunting as they were. With a glyphed Faerie Fire, I can now actually pull casters! In truth, not so very well because I also took Faerie Swarm, which adds a snare to FF in exchange for stacking to 3 instantly. Not precisely synergistic.

Most of the bear abilities don’t cost rage at all any more, so if I screw up my rotation a bit then at least I haven’t screwed myself out of rage for the rest of the fight. Rage generation at this point seems pretty good, to the point where I can hit Savage Defense as often as I remember, which is probably not as often as my healer would like. We’re working on it, okay?

A word on Savage Defense: the tooltip doesn’t seem to explain why it stacks up to 3 charges, or what the difference is between using it at 1, 2 or 3 charges. That could probably use a little clarification. On the plus side, it looks to be the first spec ability that a Guardian gets, addressing one of my biggest issues with levelling a cata bear – the fact that you didn’t have any form of mitigation cooldown until the mid-fifties or so.

I’m using Incarnation, because Amani Battle Bear. A talented cooldown just to spam Mangle seems less exciting than it should be, sadly. “You have chosen… poorly” and all that. Ah well. Druids seem to have a lot of snares and whatnot in their talent tree overall, and choosing between a passive movespeed buff and a charge is just cruel. Could’ve made the choice feel a little less punitive, but overall it’s not that serious.

Let’s see how long this burst of enthusiasm lasts.


* Thrash for the bleed, Mangle, spam Lacerate on single targets and Swipe on multiples. Faerie Fire as an interrupt or on cooldown. Maul when I can afford it or when questing, otherwise the rage is better spent in SD. What’s left?


  1. Nice tags you are using here :-)

    Don’t know much about Druid tanking. I kinda don’t like staring at a big butt all the time on my screen :-) I do know that Druid make excellent absorb tank though. They can take a beating and shrug it off. Or at least they could in Cata, don’t know if it changed much in MoP.

    I have a little kitty Druid (52) who I sometimes play in BGs. He’s very fun, and really shreds people into tiny little pieces.

    • Leit said:

      In MoP as far as I can tell they’re evasion tanks. With a good chunk of base dodge and another solid chunk from reforging and Savage Defense, most of the time they don’t even seem to get hit at all. The problem comes in where inexperienced bears like myself aren’t maxing the uptime on that lovely buff. Or do things like stand in SPM second boss’ fists of fury.

      Cats seem a bit like a sub rogue… “here, keep up these 40 buffs and debuffs ile staying strictly positioned behind your target”. Bit too dependent on designers not screwing them badly with “innovative” mechanics or boss-in-a-bathtub fights.

      • Doesn’t sound to bad actually, I’m doing great in PVE on my Rogue as Assassination, and I have crap gear tbh.

        There are some fights that are annoying, but that’s life of melee in the world of ranged.

        I totally love the sound effect from the kitty buff combo points finisher, the one that increases your damage by 30% for x amount of seconds. I wish Rogues had that to. Well, not the kitty sound ofc, that would be silly :-p

      • Leit said:

        Savage Roar? Yeah, the sound and animation are pretty distinctive. Can’t go giving rogues something like that, rogues don’t need to look or feel special. >.>

        Paladin’s Inquisition is also a fairly attractive sound/animation pair for the same sort of maintenance buff as SnD/SR, come to think of it.

        Assassination’s a different deal from Sub. Mutilate at least *works* when you’re forced to be in front, unlike Backstab or Shred.

      • I’d like to see a boss in a bathtub.

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