Thee joye of tankes

Last week’s post ended on a pretty upbeat note for my long-neglected and slightly despised druid. How’d that go?

This screenshot is one of the few that I genuinely like in full. I really hope WP compression doesn’t make it look like week-old ass.

Yeah, about that well. What you’re seeing there is a mixed set of dungeon and PvP gear, along with a pair of Sha boots for good measure, one day after capping 90. All legitimately gained by tanking dungeons. Most of it unmogged, apart from the staff because the dungeon staff is either genuine trolling – 3.2 speed and it looks like utter, utter crap – or was slapped together in 10 minutes by someone who was under the impression it’d only be seen from very, very far away, probably in a massed cutscene where exceedingly low texture quality and poly count are advantages rather than sickening eyesores.

Oh, and the mask is mogged due to my willingness to use a non-pretty face not extending to wanting to see it on the character select screen. I will say that the angry eyes and furrowed brow are fantastic, and the lower part of her face is what really ruins that look. Needless to say, this situation is the subject of much eye-rolling by my dear wifelet.

Now that I’ve presumably justified myself into a fairly deep hole… bears. If this was early Cata, with its frankly malevolent dungeon designs and utterly unforgiving trash, I’d probably be the subject of a “please for the love of god stop tanking” petition on my realm forum. As it is, with the more relaxed learning curve of dungeons in Mists, I’m finding that bear tanking is actually pretty solid and there’s decent room to get the basics down. The active mitigation model works, and it seems to work pretty well. Her Fuzziness the Second doesn’t feel as disjointed as in Cata, and there’s no moment where I look at my bars, go “oh hell I have no rage”, and helplessly watch mobs maul the party because I can’t do anything until they’re actually on me. Which, let’s face it, was going to cause me a hardware bill approximately the size of my current machine sooner rather than later.

I mentioned in my previous post that adding a snare onto the silence of Fae Swarm wasn’t working out very well. That’s still the case, but I don’t see Typhoon (oh god mobs everywhere) or mass entanglement being such great options either. Still, probably going to try something different there. Additionally, the cooldown attached to that silence also makes my rotation feel like it’s missing something, and currently by default that something is Swipe. Gogo AoE in a single target rotation! PRO BEAR YO.

Overall, the plan is to continue yon bear’s career in Mists. She’s a tank that I can stand to play, and given the stress-aversion that’s become part of daily life lately, that’s saying a lot for the spec as it stands. I’ve scraped up barely enough ilvl for LFR, and hopefully tonight will be the big night.

  1. repgrind said:

    So can we get a screenshot of her pretty bear fur?

    • Leit said:

      Probably? I kinda like the cat look in this colour, which is actually the reason behind her current dye job.

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