Because easy post.

Looks like the Shado-Pan and Golden Lotus do have something in common after all.

If you don’t know how it’s going to end for this creature, you really need to do the Horde starter quests in Pandaria.

Doing the Sha of Doubt dailies at Jade on a blood elf paladin. Well okay then.

Oh god these mobs. So great.

Jasper chains are… problematic. At least we got the kill…

“I am a troll, and also a *tiger*. Which of these says ‘vegetarian’ to you?”

And finally, as requested by a record one person!

  1. Where is the ‘Everybody left nobody likes you’ from?

    • Leit said:

      Near the end of the Shado-Pan garrison questline in Townlong, you’re sent into a cave on the same island as Nizuao Temple. The mobs in there are mini Sha of Fear, and they cast different fears on you. The one shown is Fear of Abandonment. I’ll leave the actual effect of the spell – and the others they cast – for you to find out.

      They’re pretty brilliant, and it’s a shame those mobs don’t ever show up anywhere again.

      • Sweet :)

        I really need to man up and actually finish the Pandarian zones on at least one character.

  2. OMG Jasper Chains are such a pain in the ass.

    I know I can shoot things in the face from point blank range now, but I still have a tendency to steer clear of the thick of combat unless instructed to stack by the tanks or healers. Inevitably I get connected to someone who is 1.) in the middle of the melee, and 2.) not paying attention, so I have to run my little short green legs off and pray to God that I respond superfast because the other person NEVER, EVER seems to figure out who he/she is connected to. YOU ARE CONNECTED TO THE HUNTARD WHO IS CURRENTLY RUNNING HER ASS OFF STOP RUNNING AWAY FROM ME GODDAMMIT I’VE GOT FAR ENOUGH TO GO AS IS

    • Leit said:

      I play as melee, though I do that fight in healspec since we still need to 3-heal it. From my experiences before we dropped back to 3-healing: Oh God I Hate My Life as melee with Jasper up. When we tried I was coonstantly getting a healer attached to me, and trying to avoid landmines, stay in range of the boss and not melt the druid you’re attached to is… a workload.

      I really doubt they can’t work out what they’re attached to – it’s probably more of a “you can DPS up *here*, but over there I’m about as useful as a willy-warmer at a girl scout circle” kinda thing.

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