Outwit, outlast, outplay

Our raid last night got Feng and Gara’jal down. Feng was close, with only 3 people up for the kill. On half a sliver of health each. Gara’jal saw my pally and our warrior tearing through adds in the spirit world while our casters made mincemeat of the boss and our healers traded spots with us. Turns out if you get into the spirit world very quickly each time, there’s almost no chance you’ll be voodoo’d in between – there’s always a totem up just as you get out.

Last night featured a moment I’m pretty proud of. The totem mechanic on Garajal works as such:

  • boss spawns totem
  • totem gets dps’d down
  • when totem dies, the 3 closest non-voodoo-doll players within 6 yards go to the spirit realm
  • anyone going to the spirit realm is reduced to 30% of their max health
  • when healed to full, an ultrax-style button appears to port out of the spirit realm
  • players must press the button before the next totem pawns, or they are instantly killed
  • no, you can’t bubble it.

So ideally you want a healer and two DPS in the realm. On our kill, I somehow ended up in the spirit realm with both of our healers, which probably gave the tank a minor heart attack until one of the healers got back to full and ported back out. The good news being… it was one of those beautiful moments where my cooldowns had just come back up.

A paladin with cooldowns up feels invincible. Yeah, that should probably read unstoppable, but being a juggernaut of holy wrath, crushing your enemies and seeing them driven before you, just makes one feel completely untouchable.

I took out the entire wave solo, and had time to spare. It was a rush, an old-fashioned howl-at-the-moon moment, riding high on the crest of what seemed to be sheer omnipotence. This is why we raid. For moments like this, where we can drop the bass and fly into a frenzied orgy of righteous vengeance. Where our power is writ across the sky in letters of flame, and enemies melt like mist in the searing blaze of our glory.

Wonder if they’ll let me do it again next time.


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