And for our sins we were given 2/3 queues…

Looks like Bashiok is suffering from some world-class myopia, or just communicating it on to us.

After insisting for months that reputation and associated valour gear is not, in fact, necessary for us to perform and that dungeon and LFR drops are in fact the superior gearing strategy, it now emerges that part of the justification for hiding bosses downed in the LFR queue is that completing partial runs and then requeuing nets more valour, and gearing via valour is faster and better than LFR anyway!

Um. No.

In LFR one presently has a chance of gear from 16 bosses, plus 3 additional rolls per week. Unless you’re exceedingly unlucky, you’ll get at least one piece of gear per week if you can get a shot at every boss. Meanwhile, on the valour front, there is literally nothing that you can get with a single week’s allocation of points, and in the case of major-slot items – legs or chest – you’re looking at 3 weeks. Alts are particularly screwed in terms of valour items, since the idea of grinding more than one character through Golden fucking Lotus was, until recently, anathema. Even now it’s a ridiculous trawl, and one that still gates off most of the valour gear on rep vendors.

Valour is currently a shitty, shitty way to gear, only useful for getting into LFR in the first place. Once that’s achieved, the last thing anyone wants is to have to queue twice for the same instance. Not to mention that, oh hey, once people complete the partial instance and then do the bosses they actually want gear off in the requeue, they’re just going to leave again and thus sucker others into a new partial queue. So this doesn’t even solve the problem, it just shifts it on slightly.

I’ve read some posts on associating rewards with completing runs from start to finish, and that seems like a decent approach. I’ve also seen posts on punishing players for leaving, which seems like the opposite of a good idea. People effectively being threatened to do content that they don’t want to with people they don’t care about has no possible good ending.


  1. Well Bashiok completely lost my respect the way he handled most of his communication on the Diablo 3 forums in the first 2 months of release of the game.

    There is a post currently about a player cheering everyone up not to do any dailies in December, and a CM in there getting baited by forumdwellers in a claim of loving dailies. And after that getting shredded a new hole for being a corporate puppet.

    It’s important to remember when engaging dialogue with Blizzard blues. They are employees, and the saying ‘Don’t bite the hand that feeds you’ … well … it’s golden where ever you may work.

    The current hiding of LFR bosses is dumb. Sure in theory if people stick out the raid queues will be faster, but as in many cases, theory and practice are two different worlds.
    Just shows how much Blizzard doesn’t actually play the game the way their gamers do.

    • Leit said:

      I don’t think it’s baiting… there are players that genuinely do like the dailies. They’re just much fewer and further between than the apparent majority that resents faction gating, valour gear being dependent on rep and the miserable pittances of rep given for most dailies and hate the dailies for those reasons.

      I agree that Blizzard doesn’t seem to know who is using their product. WoW in its current state would play really well in Tolkein’s Shire, but what we need is something that you could play in the world of Pete Travis’ Dredd.

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