Kings down, Elegon hates us

So last night we sailed through our first Spirit Kings kill and took a couple of shots at Elegon. The latter fight is… yeah. He feels like a raid-capper, an endboss that someone dropped just before the actual end. Will of the Emperor gives me much fear if Elegon’s this harsh.

Even his trash is something other… it seems the Wardens enrage if you kill one of the pair before the other, but there’s no indication thereof. Probably doesn’t help that one of our tanks thinks being bounced around is the most fun in ever, leading to DPS pulling aggro while the mob runs after him. Not to mention being bounced way, way out of healing range… I’m not innocent either, having been accidentally bounced from the first trash pack all the way into the second on our first trash pull. It’s okay, though, the second pack reset just after my carcass was thoroughly mulched.

Yeah, I’m going to be pushing for a run at Heart of Fear before we carry on with Elegon again. But we’re making progress! This is good.

Meanwhile on the rep front, the exact opposite is true. Dry’s not done any dailies in, well, days. This comes down to the fact that the only dailies I want are the August Celestials, and the only dailies they’ve offered since last week have been the godawful Nizuao Temple set. Which, enchants or not, need for commendations or not, I refuse point blank to do.

My leatherworking druid has done enough Lotus to unlock the patterns and has taken a couple of runs at LFR, only to end up one point short of HoF. If I can scrape up a couple more spirits somewhere then she’ll make it on the chest, but it looks like that’ll take longer than just waiting for the next reset on wednesday.

Tillers have been the surprise hilight of this last week… it feels like the rep was balanced for commendations. Basically every day now a new quest unlocks on the characters that’ve been farming steadily since they hit Halfhill. There are so many additions and plots and quests unlocking that Tillers just feel rewarding in a way that no other rep does.

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  1. repgrind said:

    Elegon is rough. We are stuck on him. We’ve learned the fight, and are hitting the enrage, so it’s just a matter of finding ways to get more dps on him. But yeah … bleh. I’ve heard the Emperor fight is easy in comparison. I should probably do LFR one of these … oh look, a green paw! /click

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