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Dominance offensive is probably great. I don’t know, there seem to be a good few people doing it. Brawler’s guild? One of our tanks got lucky with an invite off a rare in Kras, and he seems to be enjoying himself. The other tank’s been running old raids for the new pet drops.

Me, I’m just levelling the ones I already have.

Since the patch I’ve earned Pro Pet Group and Rookie Pet Crew. I’ve fought a few hundred battles by now, and have only found two battle-stones, Flying and Critter bound. Now, this is anecdotal, and thus unreliable – but it looks like the stones have around a 0.5% drop rate. But that isn’t my problem.

Yeah, this seems familiar...

Yeah, this seems familiar…

In order to try and get some stones to upgrade pets I actually want rares of – pets that were quite hard to find in the first place, none of which are critters – I’m having to skip over the vast majority of wild pets.

Critters are everybloodywhere, but because they’re so prolific, it’s easy to get rares. That makes critter upgrade stones basically worthless. Now, not fighting critters is fine by me, since critter types seem to have by far the cheapest, most irritating movesets around*. When levelling my spirit crab for the All Pets Allowed achievement, I even worked out a bunch of areas where I could mostly avoid the damn things, since undead types are weak against them. Even so, there were points where I’d find myself flying to and fro across an area, swearing not-so-quietly as I waited for Anything But A Critter to spawn.

This makes the stones much less fun than they looked like on the surface. Trying to get a stone to upgrade a pet from a poorly-represented family, which you couldn’t get a good-quality version of in the first place due to scarce spawns, is a pipe dream. Humanoids specifically have no farmable spawns other than possibly the Kun-Lai Runt. Magic types are just as bad, with your best option being Twilight Fiendlings and their phasing issues/long spawn timers.

Now, the drop-rate on battle-stones seems to suggest that you’re meant to get them as an incidental reward from normal play rather than try to farm them. My issue, coming to the head of it, is that unless certain families are given a higher chance to drop these stones, we’ll never see the types we want from normal play.

Ah well. Meanwhile I’m working on Pro Pet Crew, levelling a few more elementals because they have the coolest pets in their type. Yeah, I’m all about the shiny.


* With a special mention here of the Nether Faerie Dragonling, whose Evanescence is cheap as fuck.

  1. repgrind said:

    At least you’ve seen some battlestones. I haven’t even gotten one to drop after spending literal hours doing nothing but battling.

    • Leit said:

      /tar title

      You mean to tell me 2 miserable stones in around 4 nights of solid battles is *good*? Ye gods.

    • Leit said:

      Naturally on the day that I wrote this post I went and did one daily and got a Beast stone out of it. Rare clefthoof ahoy. O.o

  2. The Dominance offensive is not that great imo, but luckily they don’t take to much time to complete. It’s mostly a zerg fest out there, especially in the mines. A race against other people to tag as much as possible.

    And the optional PVP dailies are meh. Sure it sounds fun in theory, but when the zone is constantly overflown with the opposing faction due to realm imbalance or what ever, it don’t look that appealing anymore.

    Brawlers Guild … don’t get me started. I’m still waiting for Blizzard to get sued by FOX for raping their movie.

    • Leit said:

      Apparently Brawler’s Guild CRZ has put our tank off using it. The first few days were great, but then more people across a few realms got invites, and now if he wants to take part he’s looking at 15 minutes or so of doing basically nothing.

      • Damn, that sure sounds like a tight knit community. Working as intended I guess Oo

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