Situational awareness

It’s that time of year again, where everyone is living a couple of weeks in the future. Where they’ve got worries, thoughts about the new year, expectations of holidays, and no small amount of frustration building up on the way to the final stretch.

This is not a WoW post.

Actual image of a freeway in December.

Artist’s impression of a freeway in December.

If you’re on two wheels, like I am… stay focussed. That intro up there applies to everyone on the road with you. Sharpen your reflexes, adjust your pattern recognition, fine-tune your cagecognition*, tap into your latent psychic powers if you have them. Freeways eat men and women like you and I every year, and part of that is simple complacency from having made it for another year.

The bigger part, as always, is the increasingly distracted 2-ton-hammer wielders around us.

Even if you’re unfortunate enough to be confined to a four-wheeled coffin, keep the same in mind. Be aware of your distraction level and that of the people around you. I firmly believe that accidents in the holiday season aren’t caused by more vehicles on the road, they’re caused by people who are of a mindset that they’re somehow outside of real life while on holiday, and thus shouldn’t have to operate at full capacity.

Keep those feet above the ground and your head in the game.


* A special ability developed by veteran bikers where part of the brain is downclocked all the way back to “amphibious lizard” in order to figure out what that box pilot ahead of you is about to do next.


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