Radio silence

One of the things I like least about living in Africa is the unholy mess that is our telecoms infrastructure. My local landline exchange is so useless that, when I had a terrestrial ADSL line, I spent more time in downtime than actually using the thing. So a while back I switched to 3g.

This was all well and good, except that lately the line’s been less and less reliable. In the past week I haven’t been able to raid – hell, I haven’t been able to run old raids for the pets. Getting the opportunity to hit one or two abilities in between 5 second lag spikes is not kosher.

Neat thing about pet battles – being turn-based, they’re much less latency-sensitive than the rest of the game. Sure, it’s irritating when you hit an ability and have to wait forever for it to actually go off, but it doesn’t completely break your game.

So yeah. It’s been quiet this week, and it’ll be quiet until I can get some sort of connection that actually wants to connect. In the meantime, some QQ!

  • One of the recent patches seems to have affected miss chance in pet battles. I seem to be missing a lot more than previously, especially with lower level pets attacking higher levels. Sure, lower pets would miss more often against higher before, but the current chance is just punitive when trying to level pets.
  • Dodge chance also seems to be up.
  • I want to know how dodge and hit chances are calculated for pets of different quality. The legendary pets used by the elemental tamers appear to have an exceedingly high chance to dodge and they effectively never miss – Expunge, an attack with a fair miss chance, has missed me only once in several dozen fights against the Thundering elemental master.
  • Family seems to have some bearing on dodge as well. All of this is anecdotal, but Flying and cat-type pets in particular seem to dodge much more often than others.
  • Burrow, Dive, Lift-off etc aren’t marked as having a high miss chance, and while they do have defensive utility I don’t believe their damage combined with the 4 round cooldown justifies a high miss chance. Compare for instance Shock and Awe, a 3-round cooldown which deals approximately similar damage to a dive-type move and adds a stun chance. This move doesn’t seem to miss nearly as often.
  • Darkmoon Tonk in general is the wrecker of dreams and destroyer of all that is good and right in pet battles. It is an absolute delight to use, especially in Hellfire Peninsula where the entire place is chock-full of Beast types.
  • By contrast I’ve seen a couple of posts on the forums* about how the Blighthawk is an absolute wrecking ball of a pet. My levelling experience so far is that while Ghostly Bite is quite nice, the pet is extremely weak until lvl 15 and its vulnerability to Critter-type attacks is, as with most Undead types, virtually crippling.
  • Fluxfire Feline. This is the third pet that I’ve had to try and track down that spawns in a goddamned Alliance base, the other two being the mechanical raptor in Toshley’s station and the Irradiated Roach that spawns in the same area as the Feline**. What the actual fuck are these people thinking?
  • Battle-stone drop rate also seems to have been heavily nerfed. I haven’t seen one in the past week, which has been around six hundred battles plus a good number of dailies. That doesn’t seem right.

* While trying to find documentation on the Miss issue. I generally avoid the forums, being that they’re a good way to completely ruin your mood.

** I actually switched to an alliance toon to tame a Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling, making four rather than three, but have since seen enough of these as secondary pets that it seems pointless to mention them in this section. Still, if you’re looking for a specific spawn of one and you can’t just land in Kirthaven, you’re SoL.

  1. Sorry to hear about the latency / connectivity issue. After reading that, I realize I’m spoiled in that matter. I get monkey-bananas-crazy if my latency gets up to 100ms.

  2. repgrind said:

    Mine runs somewhere between 113 and 226 normally. Along with something like 20-30 fps.

    I don’t completely understand how much of that is connection, and how much of it is hardware.

    • Leit said:

      FPS is your hardware, latency is your connection. Hardware won’t affect your lat unless you’re using a really slow wireless connection or something.

  3. Speaking of pets, I wanted to tell you that I finally found a rare Lofty Libram, and named it “War and Peace,” because lawlz.

    It has an ability that can sometimes hit things in the back row, but it isn’t very good at this.

    Also, if you do lag out during a pet battle, I guess it counts as a loss – but it doesn’t exactly count as a win for your opponent either. (At least, it didn’t for me when my guildmate totally lagged out.)

    • Leit said:

      That is the best name.

      I found an upgrade stone (actually two in the same night after not seeing any for a week, dafuq) and upgraded mine. Hoping it’ll work out better than the Minfernal. :D

      PvP battles? I don’t generally do those, wtb all the levels.

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