Resting equilibrium

Back at work, which means blog posts again. Over the holiday my wife and I have:

  • Removed nails and fixed holes in the walls
  • Repainted the house
  • Hung pictures
  • Replaced toilet seats
  • Redecorated rooms
  • Discovered that local home-stores don’t sell blue lampshades. At all.
  • Taken a break from WoW during the painting, on account of moving furniture around to plug in the router seemed like too much effort
  • Sat in a 4 hour LFR queue, seriously wtf
  • Levelled a bunch of pets to 25, but not hit the 75 mark yet because I prefer actually levelling the pets rather than using the lvl 25 xp sharing method

If that last one doesn’t seem to make sense, here’s the down-low: if you put a pet in a group with two lvl 25 pets, that pet will get full xp from anythng the group beats provided it spends at least one turn in front. This means you can actually take a lvl 5ish pet, start combat with it in front, and level it to 10 in two combats by taking on the Eternal Striders in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. 25 takes no time at all. I admit that I did use this method to powerlevel my Terrible Turnip, but that’s mostly because the Turnip is truly godawful to play.

I’m going to start posting more stuff on pet battles, largely because I don’t find the rest of the game actually fun anymore, and no-one wants to read the same old gripes about loot failing to drop in LFR and dailies being a grind. The pet battle material is likely going to be heavily tainted by personal opinion, but it’ll also be informed by a good deal of personal experience.

Oh, one last thing… all the best for the year ahead.

  1. “no-one wants to read the same old gripes about loot failing to drop in LFR and dailies being a grind”

    Wait, that’s all I do … noooooooooooooooo.
    Okay, maybe not all, but I’m wearing my +453 drama-skill t-shirt.

    Thanks for the pet leveling tip, wish I knew about that sooner lol.

    • Leit said:

      Maybe that should’ve read “I don’t want to write about [] because it’s depressing me”. >.<

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