Pet family basics: Aquatic types

Aquatic types are most commonly found in the wild, with a couple of outliers coming from fishing and quest rewards. They are frequently encountered, and in general they tend heavily toward outlasting their enemies.

Basic information
  • Vulnerable to Flying attacks
  • Strong against Undead attacks
  • Strong offense against Elemental types
  • Weak offense against Magic types
  • Family ability: purity. Aquatic types take 25% less damage from damage-over-time effects.
  • Signature ability: Cleansing Rain. A group heal that alters the weather to cause hostile effects to last one less turn and provide a small damage bonus to Aquatic attacks.
Levelling an Aquatic pet

Aquatic types in general will not have a lot of downtime. Almost every aquatic pet will have some healing ability, and smart use of such will see you through most fights with minimal damage. Their vulnerability to flying damage is a minor irritation but not crippling.

For the ideal levelling pet, look no further than the humble crab. Crabs have two strong defensive abilities early on, and a rare-quality Strand Crab can usually be bought cheaply on the auction house. Any player who has done the old-world fishing dailies might have a number of these. The crab’s basic attack – Snap – is strong against Critter types, which are very common while levelling. It’s also weak against Flying types, but seeing as flying damage wreaks havoc upon your crab anyway, that’s more of a reminder to switch out. Ā Keeping up Shell Shield and Renewing Mists should keep the beastie topped up against most things. Shell Shield particularly is especially effective against Thorns-style defenses, poisons and multi-hit attacks like Flurry, as it applies its reduction to each damage event.

Aquatic types at level cap

My aquatic pet of choice at level cap is any of the Water Skimmer family. With the strong Pump attack they’re a bit more offensive than others, and they share the family’s typical choice between Cleansing Rain and Healing Wave.

At cap, Aquatic pet are very useful for dealing with the Pandaren Spirit tamers, each of which have at least one Elemental in their party. Furthermore, they’re handy to deal with a few of the standard Grand Masters. Aquatic pets will remain viable for PvE in general at cap.

PvP under the sea

Elemental types are flashy and common rewards from achievements. This makes them popular in PvP. Unfortunately for players looking for the shiny, aquatic pets are an absolute nightmare to elementals.

Worth mentioning is that Frog types are the perfect expression of RNG gone wild. Their shared ability, Frog Kiss, is an attack which increases in damage the more it is used and which has a chance to turn the opponent into a frog. I have seen this completely lock down a pet while the frog was on low hp, turning a certain loss into a miracle win. Of course, being RNG, this may just as well turn around by not triggering ever.

Beating the underwater menace

Aquatic types are a fairly varied family, much more so than beasts. Pets with good flying attacks will do well, obviously. Against crabs and turtles, and often mongoose types, Flying pets will also get a defensive bonus against the enemy’s main attacks. Try to stick with strong single attacks like Peck rather than Slicing Wind, as Shell Shield can wreak havoc on a multiattack’s damage.

For frogs, the scenery changes a little. The most frustrating aspect of fighting a frog is the RNG polymorph mentioned above in PvP. For this reason I like to fight frogs with Critter types. The Critter ability to reduce CC duration by 1 round is generally almost useless, being that CC isn’t very common, but it completely negates the polymorph aspect of Frog Kiss.

Notable Aquatic pets

Most of the common types have been mentioned above.

  • Crabs make good levelling pets.
  • Frogs are frustrating as all hell to fight.
  • Mirror Striders and the like are great, but only available in pandaria, with one exception – the Aqua Strider, which drops off a rare mob in Pandaria and sometimes shows up on the auction house.
  • There are four crocolisks available from the Shattrath daily fishing quests. These are a little hard to level at first, but they do have unique attacks and build up nicely. They can also be found on the auction house if you don’t really want to do dailies.
Aquatic pets I’d like to see

This is a bit of an odd point – there are no pets in Vash’jir. The entire zone is bereft of anything to battle. Now, I know the place wasn’t very popular even back in Cata, but this sort of admission that the developers don’t even think players want to see the place again is kind of disturbing, especially given how visually stunning it is overall. Vash would be the ideal home for any number of aquatic pets.

I’d like to see an octopus pet – hell, recycle the Mindbender model in a bubble, if necessary. A starfish would be cool – the model already exists, although animation might be a sticking point. Some sort of sea urchin would be interesting as well. And, because I really like arachnids, a Diving Bell Spider would be cool.

  1. You can’t do pet battles underwater – and all of Vash’jir’s under water!

    I named my crab “Crabcakes.” Cutest little pinchy ever!

    • Leit said:

      But you can walk across the bottom in Vash… not sure if you can do that elsewhere. The requirement for pet battling seems to be ‘standing’.

      My crab is imaginatively named ‘Red’. I was tired, okay. >.<

  2. That is really funny, because I *just* said this last night in guild chat about Vashj’ir. Imagine all the really cool pets they could have put there! /sigh

    • Leit said:


  3. Erinys said:

    I’d definitely love to see an octopus, plus that baby shark they’ve been taunting us with Wrath. I wouldn’t say no to a manatee either.

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