Wait, what?

We interrupt your regularly scheduled whining about pet battles to engage in some whining about stupid NPCs discussion of the alliance questline in Krasarang Wilds. If you want to do it yourself, maybe don’t read the spoilers or something.

Now, obviously Zhu’s Watch is precisely the same. The issue starts to creep in at the Incursion, a night elf outpost in the Wilds. Problems™ are pretty obvious when you get to the site and discover that the night elves in question engaged in a little arcane magic and, to no-one’s surprise, screwed up. They’ve managed to create a soul-sucking arcane void around their portal, but I suppose the real shocker is that they haven’t annihilated half the continent yet. Honestly though, messing about with some scrolls from “before the reign of Azshara”, what were they expecting?

So, after saving the pretty purple numbskulls from their own idiocy, their chief archaeologist dude sends us off to the nearby ruins in a fairish approximation of the horde questline, the panda sends us after some water skimmers to make a stew to help the pointy-eared freaks get back on their tip-topsies, and the random warrior type sends you off to… assassinate a Sunwalker scout wandering around on the road. Also in fair approximation of the horde questline.

Except that the Sunwalker is out on the road actively trying to make it safer. He’s patrolling and killing tigers or whatever else might threaten travellers, where the alliance type is hanging out in a clearing doing… uh… nothing very clear. But whatever, fine, this guy’s out on the road FOR THE HORDE, time to go put his steaks on ice. Then I get back to the camp to this:

Sunwalkers are *what* now?

Sunwalkers are *what* now?

Now let’s get a couple things straight, ears. You’re telling me the Sunwalkers… a recently formed, small group of paladins and priests – or sun-druids if you like, which should be even more sympathetic to a goddamned kaldorei – are the most militant branch of the armies an apparently low-population, relatively peaceful people have committed to the dreaded Horde? When canonically they haven’t even actually done anything up to this point?

…Jesus. Talk about your paper-thin justifications, but whatever makes you feel better at night. This is not even taking into account the Sunwalkers’ side of the story, where they weren’t even invited to the Panda Party but just sort of wandered in looking for a chosen land that one of them saw in a vision, and their leader pretty much refuses to treat the young Prince Anduin as anything close to an enemy or leverage. There’s no way the character could know that.

Okay, so lets go hunt us some Mogu instead. Only it turns out that Archaeologears hisself has taken it into his head to ride along in mine.


Did you see the welcome mat on my forhead? No? Then what made you think you were fucking welcome?

Did you see the welcome mat on my forehead? No? Then what made you think you were bloody welcome?

NPCs have done this before, but it’s usually with some totem or other flimsy excuse that’s ‘attuned’ or whatever. They, and this chop, are more than welcome to stay the fuck out of my head. This is the sort of shit Sylvanas pulls, and that’s really the last comparison you want anyone to be making. More to the point, it’s completely goddamned unnecessary, given that you have to go back to the camp to hand in your quest items and pick up the next segment anyway.

So yeah, that’s where I’m stalled at the moment. I’m sort of hoping the NPCs pull their heads back out of their asses and start helping people like the Sunwalkers do, but that may be a bit of a stretch for a race that’s so self-absorbed that their collective Schwarzchild radius is a distant memory. Gah…

    • Leit said:

      I feel like I should be carrying Mardi Gras beads.

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