[sputtering disbelief]

Just a quick note on a thread currently on the forums. Draztal, valueless waste of bits, posts:

LFR requires you to have ilvl460, which you can get by completing all the Dread Wastes quests, some Townlong Steppes rewards, and if you’re still lacking gear for some reason: heroics/scenarios. You don’t need to dailies to get in.

Yes, LFR requires ilvl 460. And the highest level quest rewards in the Dread Wastes are ilvl 450, and only deal with three slots, one of which can be replaced by a Sha drop, you FUCKING WORTHLESS MOUTH-BREATHING PARROT.


That is all.

  1. Niremere has been questing in Townlong (she just met Ruthers the Very Bad Yak), and so far the highest item level she’s gotten from quest rewards is 442. A lot of the stuff she has from there is 429. With the Sha boots and no heroics, her item level is currently 437.

    Thermalix did all the quests in the Dread Wastes that I could find, but she wasn’t able to get into LFR with that alone. I ran a shitload of heroics, made the trillium gun thing (only 450 urgh) and, you guessed it, did daily quests to get gear with valor.

    I dunno, either the dude’s on crack OR he’s assuming that you’ve got enough justice/valor to upgrade every single item you’re wearing?

    • Leit said:

      Yeah… the justice gear is only 458, so no dice there. Anything crafted (except, oddly, the shield and a couple of blue weapons for whose patterns you need to grind rep) is ilvl 450. That leaves Scenarios, which rarely reward gear at all; Heroics, where your gear drops are spread across a bunch of dungeons, with variable drop rates, and can happily be ninja’d; and the purple crafted gear, which is only a couple of slots as well, and either requires a raid drop and blood spirits or a rep grind for the patterns.

      At least if you’re a clothie the stuff is pretty inexpensive, since the only other thing worth making with Imperial Silk is leg enchants. That require, you guessed it, a rep grind. Again.

      I got a pretty sweet outdoor table set over the weekend, and I’m sitting on my verandah with my notebook trying to resist the urge to flip the whole thing after reading that post.

      • It’d be interesting to see if he could come up with a set that would be 460 with the conditions he’s specified.

      • Leit said:

        476 Inscription staff
        476 Sha boots
        476 crafted gloves (made by someone else)
        476 crafted chest (made by someone else)
        483 PvP trinkets from the dominnce offensive NPCs*
        450 Dread wastes belt
        450 Dread wastes shoulders
        450 Contender’s pants
        450 JC rings and amulet (assuming anyone’s stupid enough to make these at a loss)

        Actually, having written this, I realise that a lot of the list is crafted gear. That’s outside of the ‘quest to get there’ idiom, and hella expensive. So this was pretty much a waste of time.

        * These trinkets are a joke in terms of actual usefulness, but do make some good ilvl. Alternatively replace the crafted 450 slots with 458 PvP gear – a bad joke, since one of the other hot threads is about how it’s effectively impossible to get into PvP at the moment against upgraded 491 conq gear. But the same NPCs that drop trinkets also sometimes drop commendations that give a good chunk of honor when used, so if you’re up for farming them every 20 min or so you can do it. Hell, even converting to JP that’s a better return than dungeons… which is fucking sad.

  2. Also, I’ve never thought about this before, but how DO parrots breathe?

    • Leit said:

      Most birds have a sort of fleshy lump at the top of their beaks where the nostrils sit. Others just have raised holes in the beak. Some even have structures on the beak that sort of resemble a sportsbike’s air intakes. Easiest way to see what I’m talking about is look up a picture of a pigeon… that crusty lump between the eyes contains their nostrils.

      Birds are awesome, but knowing too much about them makes you look like a hipster. :D

  3. repgrind said:

    Exactly. Maybe if you do dailies for 6 months to unlock reps and get valor gear. No way you can do it just from completing the questlines. Hell, Van did EVERY SINGLE QUEST in Pandaria to get the Loremaster of Pandaria achievement, and he did not have a high enough ilevel to do LFR when he finished.

    • Leit said:

      Yeah, there’s no quest reward in Pandaria high enough to even qualify for LFR that doesn’t come at Exalted or from a Sha drop. Even the stupid rares in Eternal Blossoms drop 440 crap. I mean, 440? Who’s that supposed to help? I could see it if it was good mog gear, but apart from the one that drops thekitty staff they’re all just using the quest gear skins.

  4. Viktory said:

    You could do the rest of us did back in October and jump into normal raids in blues & greens. Bought crafted, honor gear, and jumped into raid without finishing dread wastes or steppes. Dailies are a waste and the few upgrades from there are easily replaced (for clothies: ring off feng, neck off spirit kings, gloves off dogs, etc). I think the only thing that’s at all required is the first scenario to get your weapon, since it’s so easy there’s no reason not to start there.

  5. Wow Leit, joined the dark side of the force have you not? Hmmm?

    Anyway I’m loving it, welcome to the club. No membership fees, exclusive anger-management training … we got your back!

    But you’re 100% right ofc. Getting to ilvl 460 is a drag, and in no way are you going to get there by doing quests … I mean dear god. This guy was either drunk or trying to troll everyone like a boss.

    I got to ilvl 460 by chain running heroics to get those last 2 ilvls in. Didn’t want to waste stuff on crafting useless crap. God it was annoying. Haven’t bought any JP pieces either. Why would I? Useless gear to bump your ilvl so it can be replaced by a LFR epic anyway? Rather convert it to HP and get that gear instead.

    I think Blizzard employees just don’t care anymore. They have to do even more dailies that us you know? The ingame dailies and the forum dailies (banning deleting responding). They are double ooked in the dooker.

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