One more pull, c’mon!

So on wednesday night someone had the bright idea to put together an ad-hoc run of Heart of Fear. Very ad-hoc, since we haven’t made any more progress in MSV yet and it was pretty much whoever was on. We mulched Mr. Heavy Breathing and hit the bladelord.

No-one really knew tactics for bladelord.

Well that couldn't possibly be a good omen...

Well that couldn’t possibly be a good omen…

Anyway… it was actually pretty fun, and we went again on thursday night. Nearly got it down, but random DCs and an issue with cyclones suddenly appearing on our stack points  – with everyone stacked – had us stymied at consistent 10% pulls.

Now I just want my ADSL line installed so I can actually raid consistently again. It’s starting to feel like we’re making real progress, and I know with a bit of momentum behind us we can roll through this content.

Meanwhile, back on the side of the seesaw marked ‘depressive’… I spent most of yesterday in LFR Nightmare. Connection was not great, and by the third time running the place I didn’t even care about my performance enough to do more than hit HotR every now and then while on the phone.

hofstatsThese are my stats on my paladin for LFR HoF. 11 kills on Amber Shaper, with all but the 4 this week and one of my runs last week being double rolls. That’s 17 rolls on that boss, total, mostly from tokens. And I still don’t have my damn pants. One miserable pair of shoulders that would require me to shove a pointy stick in my eye before I mogged them. From 17 rolls.

What is the bloody point of these stupid rerolls if all they’re good for is gold? I mean, it takes 45 dailies to get a set of tokens. The gold award for a full set of tokens – which is all I’ve been getting – is slightly less than 90gp. So the actual reward for wasting hours on these useless things maths out to a little less than 2 gold per daily.

That wednesday run literally saved my account. Just lolling an instance with a bunch of guildies… after four miserable runs of Nightmare, and weeks on end of not getting the one damn drop in the game that I’ve been specifically trying for, there was nothing more that I wanted than to uninstall the game with a rotary saw. There’s just no connection between effort and reward. Blizzard seems to think that getting gear makes people unmotivated, but here’s the thing; when there’s little to no reward for the work done, that makes me either frustrated or apathetic. Neither is enjoyable, so then I turn to rage, which at least feels energetic rather than the wallowing misery that is thinking about yet another few hours that could have been spent doing something more rewarding.

Ugh. Reading that passage makes me wonder why I haven’t quit yet. Fortunately there’s still more to the game. Just.

    • Leit said:

      About 9% off, unfortunately. :P

  1. Also, I know I killed Garalon, but it always shows me as having 0 kills. Looks like it’s the same for you (unless you secretly quit every time right before that fight) … wonder why.

    • Leit said:

      Take a closer look… there’s two entries for Garalon on the stats! No idea what the second one is for though.


    Some guildmates and I ran LFR and I got an actual honest to Gawd drop. The problem? I got the mail LFR shoulders, which were lower in item level than the ones I got from Golden Lotus and were really oogly to boot. It has a hugeass skull on one side and no hugeass skull on the other, which makes me think I must’ve lost a hugeass skull in all that rolling around on the ground in misery that I did before I noticed I got them.

    Ok, I’m done having a conversation with myself. You can have your blog comments back now.

  3. repgrind said:

    lol that was great, Prinnie. If that didn’t cheer Leit up, nothing will.

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