Smash puny bosses!


So last night we had a pretty good group, and sort of tore messily through the encounters which had stymied us before. Since I fail at everything forever, I managed not to get a screenshot of our Elegon kill. Or Blade-lord Tay’ak, for that matter.

As good as it gets

As good as it gets

Blade Lord is a hellishly frustrating fight, with the ability timers on his cyclone generator and the “stack to not die” maneuver synching up and screwing us over quite badly for most of our pulls. Or just dropping cyclones on the stack point in general.

Favourite quote of the night goes to our raid leader, when the other tank accidentally backed the boss onto our stacking point:

  • “No, don’t worry, he won’t spawn them on us, we’re melee…”
  • *beat*
  • “Wait, why weren’t we doing this already? Fuck we’re stupid.”

So yeah, tanking the boss on the stack point actually works pretty well. My performance on the fight was frankly godsawful, screwing up with metronomic regularity, and at one point even my connection had a “wtf is dis shit” moment and DC’d me for half a pull, while my router’s lights all died in a marvellous electronic impression of a facepalm. Still, at the end of the night I got to watch the boss’ last few moments from the comfort of the floor – 4 seconds short of berserk, no less.

“The less said about Will the better” is the sort of quote you’d expect from someone wanting to downplay disastrous occurences learning the encounter. It isn’t. It’s a simple statement of fact. Will of the Emperor is a depressingly simple fight – after weeks stuck on Elegon, we downed Will in a mere three pulls. With three healers it really is as simple as “kill the adds, tanks try to get some Opportunistic Strikes in”.

New lockout starts today, so let’s see if we can do it all again.

  1. repgrind said:

    Hey! You stole one of Bocat’s ‘dead on the floor’ shots.

    • Leit said:

      I resent the implication that I cannot produce my own ‘shots’. My credentials in this area are impeccable, and I can provide at least nine references as required.


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