I'd have used an achieve screenshot, but this made me laugh

I’d have used an achieve screenshot, but this made me laugh

Garalon fell on sunday, early enough that we got a few pulls on Addsy McAddBoss. Who will probably die tonight, while I’m still working. Q to the QQ, yo. *gangsta signs*

Everything came together pretty smoothly, once we’d dealt with a little OMG ROSTER DRAMAZ. The first couple of pulls featured such amusements as the tanks accidentally getting Pheromones and passing it between them – mostly notable for the healers somehow panic-healing us through four back-to-back Crushes before losing pretty much everyone still standing to the fifth, and everyone else panicking in a fashion that was, in retrospect, hilarious.

Not me, though. I was perfectly calm. Not as if it was our best pull up to that point. *cof*

Friday also featured our first full clear of MSV in one night*, and marks the first night where my shammy’s healed for more than the first boss. That said, it was also sort of the source of the aforementioned dramaz.

Rant cancelled due to lack of entertaining profanity. Suffice it to say that I was only on my shammy because we were lacking warm bodies to fill the roles with actual useful creatures, and listening to complaints about not being chosen for prog (!) when we had to scrape what we could from /g just to fill our friday roster was… slightly bizarre. And my brother wonders why I don’t want to be an officer.

Either way. It looks like we’re soon to be facing my nemesis, the Amber Shaper. 24 rolls and running on those pants. I’m not saying it’ll be a picnic, but he definitely deserves what’s coming his way…


* Plus the first boss of HoF, but the full clear was more impressive to me.


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