QQ and ye shall receive

My resentment over lack of drops for my paladin sort of got away from me in my last post. Not that it isn’t genuine… having to roll all three charms for the same slot means I don’t get that chance for gear in my other slots, and having to spend valour on gear means I don’t get to spend it on upgrades. This is even without reading the latest patch notes that admit Ret damage is a bit low and they’re shifting the 4-piece to baseline to compensate. So yeah, I’m apparently balanced around a bonus that I just can’t get.

Aaand there we go with the whole story sliding off down that slope. Let’s just back off while it rides out to the bottom, shall we?

So, after this exemplary episode of whining about things I can’t change, I went ahead yesterday and ran Nightmare three times. Three bloody times. And got my legs on the last coin. For anyone counting at home – which is none of you – that’s 28 rolls in total before I finally got my token.

My torrid affair with the Ramkahen tabard continues.

My torrid affair with the Ramkahen tabard continues.

Also run: Terrace of Endless Spring, MSV part 2. Other loots gained: none. The drop chance really does seem pretty terrible. That said, I finally got my Mystically Epic ‘chieve, and I can use the normal-mode Nullification Greathelm that’s been sitting in my bags waiting for me to get another tier token.

Not sure if it’ll be worth trying for the other tier tokens in the coming weeks. End of PvP season’s been announced, and I do make the minimum ilvl for ToT-LFR. Been getting pretty sick of being other people’s content. We’ll see, though.

Oh, I asserted previously that given the amount of gold we get from a failbag, Greater Charms work out at around 2 gold extra per daily completed. But wait! It seems we also get gold from the quest:

charmsYes indeed, citizens, read that and be overjoyed. The quest itself is worth forty-five gold! That’s twice the amount from a failbag, and it brings the additional gold per daily almost up to a princely three!

Truly, a bounty beyond measure.



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