Wind lord down

"Quick, what'd he drop?"

“Quick, what’d he drop?”

On friday we dropped the buggiest of bugs, he of the million and one adds. Remembered to get a screenshot, and it even has the whole raid in it. Of course, about half of them are participating in the traditional corpse dance/loot orgy, so voyeuristic types will have to make do with a blue mage and whatever the hell our enhance shammy’s doing over there. Vertical hover-planking? De spirits must be movin’ him, mon.

We saved our previous lockout and advanced from there, mostly in an effort to get to Terrace before the next patch drops. That seems unlikely to happen, though. Not sure if we’ll try and extend or just reset it on friday. Tomorrow night should be our first shot at Amber Shaper. Word is that the learning curve is nearly vertical and the boss has a nasty habit of making extremely poor choices for who to turn into a shambling mound of mush. Bodes well.

In the meantime I’ve run a couple of LFRs and the like with my shammy. Her healing’s not spectacular, but it is coming along nicely. She’s almost at the same gear level as my alleged main already, and she has more valour to spend. Earned Mystically Epic a mere couple of days after the pally. Good times. Got a sort-of elemental set going, since she’s around 7% overcapped on hit in her healer gear and has no haste worth mentioning. Trundles through scenarios like a boss. Ascendance is still probably the most fun button to hit in ever. All of the times, for all eternity.

  1. Conga rats. The thought of my guild ever getting past Vaults and into Bugland terrifies me immensely.

    Side note: The heroic shaman getup ( is sincerely my favorite set since Gawd knows when, but I will never ever get it, primarily because I can’t level a shaman past 50, much less get one to 90, gear it and RAID HEROICZ.

    • Leit said:

      I’m not a huge fan of the firebird set because
      a) it makes my orc’s mohawk-thing turn into a bald head, which looks creepy as hell on the females
      b) since orcses shove their chests way the hell out, their shoulders end up pointing back, and that doesn’t look great with longer shoulders like the firebird set.

      That second issue applies to a lot of different sets. About the best look I’ve seen for orc females (and pretty damn good for males) is the Zul’gurub HC shoulders, which I can’t yet solo my way to. Making do with the red original-colour version from BC atm.

      Look, you can do the shaman thing. All you need to do is follow these steps:
      – find someone who plays ele
      – swipe their keyboard for a few seconds
      – trigger Ascendance
      – Lava Burst something (with a lot of health, because otherwise it won’t last very long) into paste
      – experience deep and profound satisfaction

      …’course, it is a lvl 87 spell. *cof*

      • My latest attempt at shamanizing is level 8. … I FEEL DISCOURAGED

        The cloth loom shoulders also pose an issue with the way orc females stand – the sharp pointy curved horns actually pierce their bewbs on both sides, which looks extremely painful.

      • Leit said:

        That… does sound kinda unpleasant. Victorian era whalebone underwear fo days.

        I’m guessing you tried a goblin shaman? I’d get discouraged in that starting area too. I know it breaks your (inferred) greenskin rule, but maybe try a tauren. Their starting area is very relaxing. All green fields and twisted abominations of thorn and tusk.

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