There are no lies. It’s just true in another universe.

New patch. Impressions:

  • Thunder Isle is very atmospheric, but could benefit from being a bit less gloomy.
  • Make that a lot less gloomy.
  • Shan’ze ritual stones don’t seem to drop.
  • Rep from scenarios and dungeons is awesome.
  • Rep from farming is overrated.
  • Additional valour from problem scenarios and dungeons is neat. I’d have preferred if the system just had an accountwide counter and added 5vp or so every time it gives you the same Scenario or Dungeon in a row. Think my streak on Dominance Point would cap valour on the first run.
  • I want this Saurok transform forever and ever.
  • Seriously, faster than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, over here.
  • The first trash pull in ToT is a recipe for pulling pats.
  • First boss down on our first day in the raid, yeah we badass.
  • Trash before the second boss is… interesting. Particularly fond of the Surprise Snakes.
  • The raid instance itself is stunning. I hear they were aiming for Ulduar, but from an architectural point of view they’ve hit Karazhan instead.
  • I haven’t really had time to hit the dailies on my alts yet, but it feels like they’re tuned a bit high for characters in “barely legal 90” gear.

We’ve only had one night in Throne of Thunder* so far. Not sure how our raid schedule will look in the future. The mobs in Throne are interesting, though – the entrance feels like a vicious ZA trash pack, complete with pats and adds, and I’ve never seen anything like the trash after the first boss. Looking forward to it.


* Okay, seriously, blizz, please stop naming instances “Throne of X”. Kbai.

  1. ATMOSPHERE, yeah, lemme tell you ’bout that atmosphere. So I innocently decided the other day that my wolf matches a transmog I put together, and I dragged him out of the stables and to the Isle with me. Problem? This is his skin:

    I. CAN. NOT. SEE. HIM.

    If he’s not in front of my face, I have no idea where he is.

    • Leit said:

      Have you seen the awesome forms a pet can turn into while you’re a saurok tho? That ooze is my favourite so far.

      Yeah, you can be literally surrounded by Mogu as well and not even notice if you’ve got nameplates off…

      • My favorite was when my new, enormous direhorn got turned into a cockroach.

        I guess they figured it wasn’t plausible to transform the huntard but leave their pet as is?

      • Leit said:

        “Well you have to admit, their crash diet is certainly effective…”

      • Best part is, it transforms companion pets as well, so you don’t have to be a huntard to enjoy the various random pet forms. :)

      • Leit said:

        This is not something I realised. Just figured it was the glut of warlocks running around with their pets.

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