A thing does not need to be ordered and have a purpose to know itself. What if these contradictions are strengths that you cannot see?

Quick, what’s the most latency-friendly spec you can think of? Well, you’re wrong. Unless you guessed assassination rogue, because it’s totally assassination rogue.

hey there

Well hey there big guy…

That sounds a bit presumptuous now that I’ve laid it out there. Maybe assassins are the #1 choice of high-lat players everywhere! Maybe it’s obvious that the class relying on swiftness, dexterity and skill is actually the most tolerant of 2-second spikes and steady hauls of about 800 lat. I don’t know.

Regardless, all of the weaknesses that make assassins a bit… well… boring to play also make them ideal for unstable connections. Something like 2/3rds of the spec’s damage comes from automatic damage. This means you have one job – to stay in melee range. Actually, you’ll need to keep up Slice and Dice, so make that two jobs… oh, and venomous wounds, so three screw this, you can learn to count on Sesame Street or something.

Most specs also rely on constant casting or using every last GCD to its fullest. With the slow regen rate that rogues are chained to, however, it’s not actually much of an issue for your energy to pool for a couple of GCDs. It can even be beneficial… Vendetta and Shadow Blades are most effective when you’ve got plenty of oomph ready to go.

So yeah, I’m sort of playing my rogue again. Part of it is indeed due to the standard “Suffer, mortal, as your pathetic internet connection BETRAAAAYS YOU!” clause that apparently came with my house, and some of it was because I ran all of my lvl 90 alts through the intro scenario for Thunder Isle and the rogue came out feeling rock solid, but mostly it’s because I’ve been wandering around the Isle of Thunder pickpocketing things and popping out of stealth to help people kill stuff, and it’s honestly hilarious amounts of fun.

There’s also the slight niggling in the back of my head that’s pointing out all of the leather gear going to waste in our raids and how many plate toons we have. I tend to disregard that treacherous little bastard, though, in no small part because if I really wanted to switch for the raid then I’d probably be playing something that can tank or heal, both of which are off the table with a spec whose range pretty much boils down to “let me show you my stabs”. And hell, utility is at a prime in 10-man, and nothing brings more utility than a paladin. Assuming it’s being used properly, which half the time it isn’t*.

On the plus side, at least the gear level difference isn’t insurmountable. Dry’s barely over 490 as it stands, and the rogue managed to jump 13 ilvls** over 2 days by running a few LFRs with ill-gotten coins from a Lei Shen’s key. And I still have something like 12 coins left over to try, try again, assuming the intestinal fortitude to LFR over and over and over and oh god /wrists.

In the meantime it’s just pretty cool checking the meters after a fight where I was lagged out half the time and still seeing my name in the top 10.


* That said, I’m finding Selfless Healer to be pretty neat…

** Um… to 476. Yeah, not insurmountable, but a hell of a lot of work left.

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  1. Hmm. I’m old and slow regardless of the quality of my intarwebs … perhaps I should finish leveling a rogue someday.

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