Justice? What justice?

avertsm…or, as I like to call it, cheap transmog fuel. Don’t know how people can complain they’re overflowing…

So I finally got some boots for my rogue that a) have that nice chunky look to them, and b) aren’t brown. That means he can quit his druid impression at long last. Point of fact, I don’t think he’s even reforged yet, but as you can see, the important part’s done.

The boots are obviously a raid finder HoF drop, as are the gloves, which makes this outfit quite cheaty but also reasonably easy to get. (lol rng lol) Key parts are the boots and the shoulders, which of course aren’t visible from this angle, because I fail at everything. Gah. They’re the Shoulderpads of Assassination, a dungeon drop from Sethekk Halls.

The only pic I have of his old look, only snapped because the loading background bugged on me...

The only pic I have of his old look, only snapped because the loading background bugged on me…

For legs I’m relying on Dark Phoenix legguards, which complement the red hilights on the boots rather nicely. They’re a fantastic pair of pants that have given me a lot of mileage, and are available from the old valour vendors in org. Have some justice stocked up. Also from jp are the Savage Gladiator’s leather helm – buy it in Dalaran if you can stand going back to the place – and the Belt of the Twilight Assassin, which offsets a blood elf’s eyes quite nicely.

I’ve gone with an Undercity tabard to complete the look, which obviously won’t work for filthy alliance. Somewhere under the tabard is a Hardened Tongue Tunic, quest reward from Halls of Lightning, but if you’re going without a tabard then the Dark Phoenix Tunic isn’t a bad choice. Another justice piece, of course, and just as low-effort as the rest.

Daggers are both transmogged to a Parrying Dagger, random green drop I got somewhere in Wrath. I like the model because it reminds me of Chinese Electric Batman from Darker than Black. Because emotionless sociopaths make such great heroes.

All in all I like how roguelike the set looks, and I’m quite surprised that we were given such a great looking colour scheme in the raid finder version of an instance. The green hilights on the helm and belt looked a bit off at first, but without those the outfit’d be a bit monotone. Quite happy with it.



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