A week (?) in punctures

…that started out as pictures, but got misspelled and seemed appropriate.


This is a travesty

This is a travesty

Started a warlock, because I’m just so fuckin good at casters. Early on in Durotar there’s a cave with a bunch of Burning Blade loons who put a stacking debuff on their targets that end up making you look like a demon-form lock! Can has awesome demonform early, right? Except no, my pet gets to be a glowy Illidan-thing like 30 levels before me.

And so does someone’s boar.



I think I had this poster in my wannabe-goth phase

I think I had this poster in my wannabe-goth phase

Literally stopped caring about my LFD group while levelling the human pally, and wandered off to go check out the dungeon scenery. Turns out it’s actually pretty cool! And very unexpected, given where we were.

Sunreaver constructs are adorkable

Sunreaver constructs are adorkable

Pretty much every construct on Thunder Isle has a couple of utterly hilarious “d’awwww”lines. Except possibly Haywire, because he is a melee-hating abomination of pus and vileness.

Muad'Dib! Muad'Dib! Muad'Dib!

Muad’Dib! Muad’Dib! Muad’Dib!

Don’t you hate it when you’re merrily flying around on your dragon and someone casts Summon Bigger Fish?

Reverse cow... something?

Reverse cow… something?

So yeah, while wandering around on our merry course around Pandaria, our little group of guildies came across some alliance camping a Zandalari rare’s spawnpoint. After some /spitting by the (as usual) less-than-polite allies, our priest decided to take them on. Alone. The escape plan we concocted after his inevitable but entertaining demise involved Shroud of Concealment, a PvP-marked dragon as a distraction, and apparently not enough time to mount up facing the right way.

It... it SEES us, Precious!

It… it SEES us, Precious!

So yeah, every time I /reload ui since 5.2 I get a message asking me to release. Seems… legit? “GIVE UP YOUR MORTAL HOPES AND DREAMS, COME EXPERIENCE WITH US THE ETERNAL MUSIC OF THE OLD ONES

What but but this cannot be

What but but this cannot be

Those are actual instructions for the last boss of ToT LFR part 1. The group actually took a couple of minutes to ensure everyone knew the plan, and then mostly stuck to it! That… just doesn’t happen. Not on our battlegroup, at any rate. I want to frame this image and hang it up on my farm or something.

Oh, remember to watch out for the everything

Oh, remember to watch out for the everything

We wipe more on this trash than on the first boss. Still, mildly hilarious seeing  a chain of pets, warlocks and tanks go flying off the bridge into the abyss.

sadtabardThis tabard just looks so, so tragically sad. :( It needs ice cream or something.

Or maybe just a better designer.

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  1. What’s really scary is, I have an almost exact duplicate of that screenshot of your pally. I had to stop there and have a look, too.

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