Execution failure

Beginning to hate Horridon.

We downed Jin’Rokh in no time at all, first week of the expansion. I guess that was the idea, having him as a confidence builder. So basically for the past 3 weeks we’ve been working on Horridon.

It’s… not really going our way.

We know the tactics, and we have a plan, but things just spiral out of hand very quickly. Particularly on the second door. Those Gurubashi… I don’t know. We have dedicated interrupters for the priests, but their effusions cast the same thing, and we seem to get a bunch of those. Last night I was having issues with the sand traps – for some reason with my settings I can’t see sand traps if there’s a hunter freezing trap out, but those hunter traps are good for add control… aargh.

We haven’t even seen War-God Jalakk yet. Don’t know if it’s gear – my paladin was below 490 the first time he stepped in there, and we haven’t even cleared HoF yet, so we don’t have drops from there – or whether we’re just missing something.

We’re three-healing, which does leave us down a DPS. Standard procedure for our guild is to push with fewer healers, but we only have one real stand-out healer at the moment. He’s a gem, but the damage happening means we’ll need another one at least in his caliber. My shammy would probably fit the bill, except I can’t seem to get anything like the numbers I should be out of her. Her gear’s good, better than my paladin in fact – she’s actually gotten gear from LFR, unlike him. I just can’t get it to pay off in numbers.

We don’t really have a steady stable of players either. Most nights we’re sort of reaching to come up with 10 people period. That, along with the loss of our former raid leader, seems to have left a sort of stain on the people who are trying to do the job. There are a couple of returning players who’re levelling characters to 90, and hopefully they’ll re-energise the team. The old guard as it were seem pretty excited about them.

Meanwhile we have something of a co-ordination crisis. We struggle getting Garalon down, and still haven’t beaten Amber-Shaper. Execution is… problematic. We’re still gearing slowly, and maybe that’ll make all the difference despite our apparent lack of ability. Personally I’m finding that LFR is most unkind to my pally, but others have been doing better.

I don’t know. Can’t really think of any solution. It’s just a bit dispiriting to hear “what’s the point, we’re not progressing” over mumble.

Next time on int i;: maybe I’ll try and post something more depressing, like the story of a one-legged kitten who catches the rabies and gets turned into KFC.

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself or your group. We cleared everything but Sha of Fear prior to the patch, but are having the same kinds of problems on Horridon, although we seem to have a grasp on door 2 now … but everything goes to hell when the Drakkari come out to play. It’s just not an easy fight, and like you said, things can go downhill very quickly.

    • Leit said:

      Bleh… I need to be hard on myself after Sunday night. Personal performance was awful.

      We’re apparently running HoF again tonight. Probably see if we can get through Amber Whatsit and maybe open Terrace up for some of its juicy delicious gear.

      The fight just seems sort of insane. What is it with blizz and poison trolls? I mean, remember Venoxis from 4.2? “Heez wahd FEEEELS me! Mah blood is VENOM, an’ you will BATHE in de glory of de Snake Gaaaaahd!”

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