Energy capped

Nice thing about March is that all of the public holidays make for some great long weekends. Capped three characters three weeks running now, which is a fair achievement when I couldn’t even reliably cap my pally back in 5.1.

Rogue’s made it to ilvl 486, which isn’t bad at all. Damage doesn’t seem to be improving linearly with gear, unfortunately, but it’s still my best option if the line’s lagging. Feint with Elusiveness is amazing for most bosses, but costs me a fair bit in terms of energy to keep up. Leeching poison still seems to be the best option for anything that isn’t a raid instance. Hell, the 486 rogue sometimes feels tougher than my better-geared pally, and always leaps and bounds ahead of the shammy. Who is 10 entire ilvls ahead, and still can’t heal for buggery.

Segue! Is it just me or is LFR not intended for minimally co-operative PUGs any more? I mean, I thought that was the intent – a nerfed instance that offers endless sacks of gold gear upgrades and a pseudo-raiding experience to those people who don’t have organised groups. Then we see fights like Council and Tortos, where it’s hard enough to find the one damn spot on the floor that won’t kill you when you stand in it, and then they dump an entire sensory overload experience on you to boot.

The worst offender is probably the most subtle. Ji-kun’s fight is impossible – and I don’t mean difficult, I mean impossible – without a nest group. Most of the raid probably won’t even be aware of the group or what their responsibility is. The group has to have a reasonable composition, use an ability they get on the fly (ha ha) without any announcement, manage to be observant, know the layout of the zone… hell, most people don’t even know that there are nests up above. The group needs to move together or they’ll get devoured one by one. The nest group needs to be organised.

So far when I organise a nest group in LFR, I’m greeted with a mixture of derision and confusion.

So yeah, for at least that fight, you’ll need a somewhat organised and independent group handling that aspect. PUGs aren’t going to cut it fr a while yet, and this isn’t a problem that’s going to be outgeared any day soon. Neither is how many plates are spinning in the air on Council, Tortos, Horridon etc. What I suspect is that people will just get better at ignoring mechanics as healers get better at healing avoidable damage and health pools improve.

The first past of LFR impressed me, but the second… hasn’t, so much. It’s a crawl through a sewer infested with obnoxious trash, including my perennial favourite – mobs that are ridiculously melee-unfriendly. Snail turns at the wrong time and anyone swinging a pointy stick is toast, no two ways about it.

Megaera’s summoning is especially bad – nothing tells you to hit the bells, so tanks tend to beeline for the boss area unless otherwise convinced. Worse, the trash in the swamp bugs once you get to the bottom – if it’s pulled and the target jumps down, which they always do, the mobs will port their target up until squishy death happens, then start in on the rest of the raid one at a time, usually healers first. The tiny jump-nozzle to get back up also isn’t equipped to deal with this – it needs to be clicked, but can’t be with half a raid clustering around it confused about why they’re not being shot to the top automatically. If anyone even knows how to get back up, that is, since the people who know what they’re doing probably stayed back up at the top.


The whole mess reminds me of the unofficial slogan of the Top Gear presenters: “Ambitious – but rubbish”.


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