WoW Lite

All the calories, none of the satisfaction! Uh, wait, lemme try that again…

With the holidays and whatnot doing a number on our attendance and motivation, we’re still sitting looking at a fat-ass dinosaur. Then again, having spent a few hours in LFRs over the long weekend, I’m no longer even sure I want to see the council in normal.

Other things I did (with pictures so you can attach them to your fridge!):

If you know who Julius Malema is, this achievement is hilarious

If you know who Julius Malema is, this achievement is hilarious

Got my pally to 90. This achievement should come with a transmog cloak and dagger. Or a vanity item that provides one. Actually, that’s a terrible idea since with Blizzard’s current vanity design it’d last all of 10 seconds with a 2 hour cooldown.

Yeah, this ws the best way to introduce pandas to the horde...

Yeah, this was the best way to introduce pandas to the horde…

Played through the pandaren starting zone as a monk. There was a minor alliance invasion going on at the gates of Orgrimmar as I got there after the questline. Seemed sort of appropriate. Not pictured: a number of duels going on apparently uninterrupted.

Deleted my panda after finishing the Big Intro Fight in Org. Partly because monks don’t really float my boat, partly because the way male pandaren run gives me motion sickness, and partly because pandaren have only three expressions, including “Generic cutesy female”. (not shown, look up any image of a female pandaren for reference)

This is in fact the platonic ideal of derp.

This is in fact the platonic ideal of derp

Uncle Creepy knows exactly where that arrow is pointing

Uncle Creepy wants you to find the candy under his chain-arrow-belt-suggestive-thing

…yeah. Let’s not. And I’m never running through the place again… it’s one part martial arts cliches, one part ‘ooh look how enlightened and graceful this Mary Sue is’, one part wanting to stomp said Mary Sue’s face entirely flat for her bitter recriminations and unforgiving self-righteousness over a job that had to be done, and six parts saccharine. At least it’s mercifully short, unlike the goblin and worgen starting zones.

In other news! Tortos is kinda unpleasant in LFR, since the tanks can be a bit slow to react to the adds, and if anything else gets aggro first, well…

Didn't even last long enough for them to start channelling Drain the Weak.

Didn’t even last long enough for them to start channelling Drain the Weak.

…yeah. A full pack will kill anything it lands on other than a tank within less than a GCD. And usually they beeline for a healer.

Also, my paladin has taken to… entertaining himself on the floor, it seems.

"See, what you want is more mastery and less haste..."

“See, what you want is more mastery and less haste…”

That expression. Sheesh. Then again, poor guy might just be that frustrated. It’s pretty hard to get the belf ladies to pay any attention.

"C'mon, I am literally a work of art over here!"

“C’mon, I am literally a work of art over here!”

‘Course, maybe he shouldn’t be trying to pull moves on a battlefront. Then again, the personnel at that base do seem to love their put-downs.

Well yeah, most rogues don't gem Int

Well yeah, most rogues don’t gem Int

Lastly, a thought that a guildie put into words recently: what is this mob doing here?


He’s just standing there because he’s as confused by the loa laser as anyone else

This troll laser-construct-thing doesn’t seem to serve any purpose other than aggroing on random LFR-goers who run in too far; and preventing parties from fighting the second set of ghosts on that platform. Neither justifies the obscene amount of hp this thing has, and since it’s not particularly hard to heal, DPS or tank… why?

  1. Yeah, Aysa annoys the bejeesus outta me. But I still say run the place again, just to see the Alliance intro – it’s much more awesome than the Horde one is. Horde, I kinda wanted to back the boat up and get the hell outta Dodge. Conversely, I screenshotted the hell out of the panda Alliance intro.

    • Leit said:

      Yeah, when your quote unquote hot-headed friendly companion dude spends every moment from the first conversation dropping further into that “uh, okaaayyy” tone of voice, you’ve gotta have some doubts. And after the pit brawl, there’s a definite feeling of “oh green jesus clearly I have made some mistakes”. Even the “choose your side” screen makes the alliance sound like a much better proposition than the horde.

      Ugh, playing it again, though… whyyyy I don’t wanna. This is where traditional RPGs have an edge – you could just reload your save and take the other choice! Hell, after seeing the horde intro, I’d certainly take a second chance at the alliance if we got an “are you sure” option.

      • Okay fine, I’ll tell you why it’s worth it – you get to punch Varian Wrynn in slow-mo. THIS IS WORTH IT.

      • Leit said:

        That chin really is your Everest, isn’t it.

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