So, not one day after complaining about the bats in LFR, it seems Blizzard has decided to nerf them. None too soon, since I got pretty tired of looking at this:

Okay, so melee attack the whoops fuck I'm dead again

Okay, so melee attack the whoops fuck I’m dead again

Maybe now I’ll get to actually participate in the end of the fight more than one in three times.

Now that the image floodgates are opened*, a couple of choice images from our actual raid!

"You can totally do it, man. Totally."

“You can totally make it, man. Totally.”

So it turns out that you can’t actually land on this ledge to the side of the wind platforms, no matter how comfortingly substantial it looks. If you stand on the railing and look down contemplatively, though, you can apparently convince half your raid to try. It helps if you do this while people are waiting for a tank to run back in, but bear in mind that the entertainment value may be mitigated by the extra wait when said tank declares that the others just missed it by so much and promptly leaps into the void as well.

Fightin' a dinosaur? Nah, fashion advice!

Fightin’ a dinosaur? Nah, fashion advice!

I’d make fun of the fact that our raiders are more interested in sweet looks than sweet lewts, but I also have a lvl 85 paladin that’ll probably never level because I can’t bear to break up the perfect ‘mog he’s wearing. Or stand the shame that it’s basically the full cataclysmic pvp set with a lvl 20 sword. QQ.

Thunkita thunkita thunkita

Thunkita thunkita thunkita

Okay, so it’s not our raid per se, but that is a good bunch of guildies all joining in an LFR. And getting bored waiting for another crop of healers, and engaging in synchronised tail-thumping, because dinosaurusses is why.

...you're sending me *where*?

…you’re sending me *where*?

Okay, so this one’s way off theme. Blah, I know, it was meant to be in yesterday’s post but I do this at work and things kinda slip and EXCUSES QQ SHIT YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT

*cof*. Regardless, the angle of the tunnel at the end of this Isle of Thunder scenario happened to bring the portal into sharp relief, revealing that the Sunreavers were sending me to base camp via… Naxxramas? Undercity? Not sure which would be more disturbing.

Aww, such cute lil vermin

Aww, such cute lil vermin

Finally, something I noticed while levelling my pally through the eternal bland porridge that is Dread Wastes. While harvesting sap from trees, raccoons will jump out and swipe some of the honey, proceeding to scamper off with it. Maybe he’s taking some to the Harmless Raccoon to nurse it back to health?

* Well, that escalated quickly

  1. Is this the new raid? I’ve been out of touch for some time.

    • Leit said:

      First two screenshots are. The new raid’s beautiful – and I mean absolutely stunning – but it feels overtuned in normal and is too reliant on co-ordination in LFR.

      • And it’s all about the trolls being manipulated into being the bad guys right?

        Looks like I need to catch up on my lore :-)

        Do you have any alts currently gearing up? Hows the speed on that? Are you constantly battling the ilvl and loot-gods?

      • Leit said:

        Actually considering writing a “where are they now” post on my alts later today. Quick version: if you manage to get to the island and sneak in a few hits on a rare, then run the key scenario, you’ll get plenty of greater charms. Piss-poor luck will still slow you down, but having a better base chance plus charms fo days makes gearing through MSV and HoF LFR immensely better. Plus honour gear gets you into HoF now.

        Less “manipulated” and more “kinda deperate”. Their bravado is kind of sad, actually.

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