Justice isn’t worthless…

…after all, you can trade it in for honour.

Let’s look at what justice gets you:

  • Ilvl 458 armour and trinkets that you’ll need to visit vendors on the ass-end of nowhere to buy
  • …yeah, pretty much bugger all.

Honour gear on the other hand is mostly ilvl 476, as good as Mogu’shan Vaults LFR drops. You can buy weapons, assuming you’ve earned enough honour over the season, meaning about enough honour to buy three major slot items. You can fill every single slot, and the vendor is just down the Dragon’s Spine – not far from major hubs at all, at least by comparison with those blithering nimrods sitting out in Nizuao temple.

There are even uses for honour gear if you’re not gearing a character. If you’re an enchanter, you’ll find that honour gear is epic quality, which means you can effectively buy  Sha crystals at an exchange rate of around 1250 honour each – even better if you’ve got the guild disenchanting perk, since you’ll occasionally get two for the price of one. Honour epics even sell for better prices than justice blues.

You could even PvP in the gear if you wanted! I mean, hell, the gearing curve is still suffering from the aftereffects of the upgrade system, so no-one’s really going to blame you if you don’t. The option’s there, though, and it’s a damn sight more viable than trying to gear for PvE content using justice.

To trade your justice in for a somewhat useful currency, simply visit the justice trade goods vendor in Orgrimmar or Stormwind. The exchange rate isn’t great – 1.5/1, in chunks of 375jp to 250h – but in terms of actual value, I’d say even that rate is worth it.

If you’re thinking of earning honour, battlegrounds are always an option, but for a low-geared PvE character you may want to look at Wintergrasp and Tol Barad. They’re still available, they still give decent honour gains, and their quests are even still there – the Wintergrasp objectives give 75h per turn-in, and Tol Barad’s weekly still gives 375h. Both will be modified by appropriate guild perks, so again with a decent guild you’ll be making a little extra on the side. On a geared character (or if you have someone to help you), consider the Dominance Offensive/Shieldwall rares. Each kill drops a token granting 250h, again perk-eligible.

Lastly, try out the PvP dailies on the Isle of Thunder. Obviously this isn’t going to go well if you’re on a server where each faction’s players hunger for the steaming entrails of their opposite number, but on my server I’ve run the PvP dailies a couple of times without being hassled, and my side is the less populous one. The mobs that the PvP quests target are much less damaging and tough than the general Mogu or Zandalari on the island, which is a godsend when you’re still in Dread Wastes blues, and the PvP quests are over exceedingly quickly by comparison with the PvE option.

Yes, you’ll be missing out on the usual valour – sort of. Conquest trades to valour at a rate of 1/1, so it’s not actually much of a difference if you don’t mind visiting Orgrimmar to exchange every now and then.

In conclusion, then, justice is far from useless… provided it’s converted to honour as soon as possible.


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