LFR takes *how* long?

Long weekends have spoiled me. After one long weekend spent home sick, the next extended due to public holidays, and then the stretch of easter weekend, I’ve been getting used to having 4 days or so to run everything through LFR. Doesn’t work so well when you’ve only got the usual two, especially when you spend the first couple days of your week off WoW completely due to oversaturation, and have to catch up on main-busywork over the weekend.

So! The characters that I’ve been playing lately, and their approximate enjoyment indices.


Always angry all the time

Always angry all the time

Gear: Good
Effectiveness: Good
Mood: :D

As Mists’ Designated Main, my paladin is holding steady as the strongest character in the stable. I’ve adopted abuse of my tanking offspec as a quick and shameless way to cap valour by running dungeon after dungeon, and it’s working out pretty well.

Dry got two lucky drops in the latest LFR, and that combined with his stockpile of valour when 5.2 hit has meant he’s jumped all the way to ilvl 502, the first of my characters to breach the 500 limit. More importantly, though, those two drops were the absolutely gorgeous set of shoulders and legs that are shamelessly displayed in his latest transmog.

One of Blizzard’s longtime arguments against transmog was that it would invalidate the efforts of their artists. I’d say that if their art team can produce material of this quality, there’s very little to worry about.

Gear: Good
Effectiveness: Poor
Mood: :'(

After spending most of Cata as a healer, it’s a bit disappointing to have lost my touch. Unfortunately, that’s admittedly what’s happened here. My shaman had been competing with the paladin on gear level for the whole of T14, and indeed, it’s only recently that Dry pipped her at the post. Yet despite this, her healing numbers have been mediocre to terrible. I seem unable to really connect with shaman healing. Even the recent buff to shaman AoE didn’t help as much as needed.

It’s not a matter of not trying – I’ve reforged, tried different glyphs, tried altering my playstyle… nada. There’s something big missing here. She hasn’t even hit LFR this week – it’s too demoralising.

I’ve put together an okayish set of Elemental gear, and blowing everything up in scenarios is still cool for short stretches, but the only time she’ll be seeing the white cross next to her name in the near future is for boosting guildies into LFR. Maybe try returning to her later. It’s worked for other characters. And after picking up an Invocation of the Dawn, it would be a waste not to run around as a spellslinging shammy with a honking huge hammer on her back.


Back when she had a sword… *sniff*

Gear: Mediocre
Effectiveness: Varies wildly
Mood: D:<

For whatever reason, I decided to spend some (a lot) of time gearing my warrior over this weekend and easter. She started out in Titan’s Grip Fury, and is presently mostly Arms. I say mostly because her weapons are uniformly awful, and I tend to switch to Fury for Amber Shaper, who can potentially drop a 1-hander for fury but no weapon for Arms.

Let’s be clear here: when I say “for whatever reason” up there, I’m not trying to be cute. I have no bleeding idea why I started gearing her – when I started, she was a benighted pile of sodding fail, appropriately as frail as her exposed joints would suggest. Her rage regeneration was hideous and twisted, the thrashing, writhing spawn of an ichor-mantled blasphemy. Self-healing was a joke, and even worse against elite mobs – such as, you know, the ones who infest every corner of the Isle of Thunder. This is, in fact, the character on which I discovered that the PvP mobs for the island are far, far easier to deal with than the trolls or mogu.

At least part of this is due to low-gear TG fury being pretty much as useful as attempting to lick your enemies to death, with the additional challenge that every now and then your jaw will clench uncontrollably and attempt to sever your tongue.


Anyway, switching to arms was an immediate improvement in damage and resource management. Even with a haste polearm – the only 463 I’ve seen so far, so don’t judge. Switching to Single Minded fury for Amber-Shaper also produced a surprising improvement in playability, and I was able to keep up with the group in damage, at least.

Warriors seem to be enormously reliant on gear – over a couple of sessions I’ve steadily worked her gear up from 450’ish to 470, and the improvement is drastic. Stuff actually dies at the other end of the pointy stick now, and it generally does so before I run out of green bar. Something I do wish for is more damage mitigation – warriors are miles behind every other melee class in AoE mitigation, and they don’t appear to have any way to deal with magical damage at all.

This heavy reliance on gear has the unfortunate side effect of making poor luck feel frustrating as hell. Going through all of HoF and ToES and getting a pair of bracers after extra-rolling everything? Not cool. Regardless, I’ll probably keep trying to gear her for a while. Mobility’s fun, if nothing else.

Gear: Decent
Effectiveness: Good
Mood: :|

His Roguishness hit a gear bonanza over easter, gearing him well into the 480s. His trinkets are the main thing holding him back, being 458 and 463 respectively. I’d actually intended to run some LFRs and get together the valour to buy a trinket this week, but got kind of sidetracked by the warrior.

There’s still a couple of nights left, one of which may or may not be a raid night (it’s a surprise!!!), so I’m still going to see if I can scrape up the 700-ish valour that he needs. Doubt LFR is on the cards, even if I can wangle a queue boost. The gear would be good, but there are (much) quicker ways of accumulating valour. ‘Sides, given the average drop rate in ToT, I wouldn’t be missing out on a whole lot anyway.

  1. “One of Blizzard’s longtime arguments against transmog was that it would invalidate the efforts of their artists”

    Some things deserve to be invalidated, like most low level shoulders.

    • Leit said:

      Yeah, but they were more thinking of current tier being invalidated by low-level shoulders. Current lowest-level item used by a maxed character for transmog: 32.

      Be fair though, cata did replace some of the worst offenders. Now if they’d just update the Copper Chain eyesore…

    • Now if only they removed the need to actually go to a transmo vendor in order to do your stuff, i’d be a happy camper.

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