Dino more

And stay down.

And stay down.

Big news of the week: Horridon finally down last night. Left to right in that pic:

  • Ellaelyra, who apparently has a vowel fetish
  • Madrox, indulging his vore fetish
  • Esirpus and minion, bolting to get in on that
  • Giac, probably already in a LoL game by this point
  • Raijin, just relieved the nightmare is over
  • Drythorn, having spent the last pull as an enormous troll because confusion
  • Sidhe, whose water elemental seems to misbehaving as usual
  • Delta and Delgardo, doing something that we probably don’t want to know any more about
  • Aodpriest, apparently doing a goalpost impression with Ella.

It was pretty clear on friday that we were going to get this boss down – with the comprehensive nerfs to the adds’ health on 10 man, we were finally able to get them down before their abilities started overstraining our healers. We ended up 2-healing, with DPS helping on dispels wherever possible.

As a ret I spent most of the fight from the second door dispelling, keeping Hand of Purity up, trying not to waste Aura Mastery and getting the occasional heal off with Selfless Healer. Would have had more damage if I’d brought my rogue, but utility is at a premium in 10 man, and nothing brings survivability tricks like ret. Fight like this stretches ‘hybrid’ as far as it’ll go.

This dino will get a lot easier as we gear up. That’s something to look forward to. Our night was not without hiccups – people dying on the last and second-last door, wrong tank ending up with Malakk, Healing Tide dropping instead of Healing Stream, Aura Mastery instead of Wings – all complete with appropriately amusing “wtf are you doing” reactions. We also had to do without our usual hunter, but our Dragon Soul hunter subbed in and acquitted himself admirably. There’s stuff we can improve on, to be sure, but hopefully now it’ll feel more like polish than trying to hew through unending bedrock.

I’ll likely be busy with work tomorrow night, and thus may miss the initial pulls on Council. Guildies seem confident that we’ve got the co-ordination to pull it off. I don’t know though – Sul scares several kinds of hell out of me. ‘Course, the conviction to go on might have something to do with the trash dropping a certain companion.

Finally, a closeup of your trollified author, his wifelet and our tank.

You know you've spent too long on the fight when the tank feels most comfortable being chewed on

You know you’ve spent too long on a fight when the tank feels most comfortable being chewed on

  1. Congratulations on the kill.

    Curious, how many evenings a week do you guys (and gals) raid? Is it pretty hardcore raiding, or the opposite?

    • Leit said:

      Mists did a number on our roster. We theoretically have three raid nights a week, but in practise we haven’t had a 3-night week since Dragon Soul. It’s a good week when we get 2 nights, some weeks we’ve had to skip entirely.

      So I guess casual?

      • Cool thanks. Was just wondering if it’s doable to do normal raid content these days without daily runs.

        I’m guessing you guys have a very solid core group?

      • Leit said:

        We’ve got a core group of around 6 people. Those 6 will cap valour, read external resources, turn up on time, sign every week, get coins and run LFR, etc.

        For most of the rest, the heavy investment just to get to the raid portal has killed the sheen of raiding. Others are scared off normal runs by how ridiculous LFR is at the moment, still others play but not seriously.

        Lot of our former core players don’t log in any more. Dailies swallowed too much time, and were too core to the gearing philosophy of Mists.

      • Auch :-(

        “…the heavy investment just to get to the raid portal…”


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  3. Hahah that last pic is priceless. Grats on the kill!

    • Leit said:

      He was trying to line up a “blow cooldowns and win” pic but some evil bugger skinned the boss. :D

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