Iiiiidentification matrix mismatch

Character re-customisations. Some people won’t touch ’em… it basically takes the character you’ve built up and turns it into someone you don’t know anymore. Others, like my brother, will change names and races as the idea hits them. I’ve generally been in the former camp, preferring to start a new character from scratch.

Have you met my enormous spike?

Have you met my enormous spike?

A little while back I mentioned playing my warrior but not really knowing why. She’s been pretty much neglected since forever, and I had no real idea what I was doing with her. Since then I’ve worked out the Arms and Single Minded Fury playstyles, picked up a Sha axe and a pair of PvP 1-handers, and I can acquit myself at least well enough to pass muster in LFR. Bizarrely, the Arms playstyle that prefer does about the same damage as my somewhat undergeared SMF – got two sets of gear, and SMF is actually almost full PvP gear. I can use my raid cooldowns sensibly, rush across the battlefield like that blasted mosquito that just won’t let you get to sleep, and solo the rares on the Isle of Thunder.

This is all completely beside the point.

Vensters is a she, or at least as close as an unliving atrocity can get. That doesn’t stop me from identifying much more strongly with her than my other characters. She’s slim, moves a little oddly, tiny compared to everyone else. She holds herself a little apprehensively, looks out at the world with an expression that’s accepting but careful. She has agility without much in the way of grace, and seems barely connected to the world at the best of times, hefting her frankly enormous weapons with visible effort. She’s even got a severe case of coder’s hunch.

I end up referring to her as “he” more often than not.

This is starting to get on my nerves. I’m unsure whether I should recustomise as a male undead – males are nearly bestial, stalking rather than running, expressing relentless brutality in their attacks rather than the disconnected violence of the females. Which is not to say that Vensters doesn’t look predatory and dangerous in her combat crouch – quite the opposite – but it’s the impersonal danger of a steel trap rather than the psychotic threat of a slavering rottweiler.

On the plus side, forsaken males also aren’t grimacing, musclebound hulks; merely grimacing. Their faces are pretty much awful, but their /dance is BiS. There are a lot more shoulder options that don’t look cramped, but I’m probably going to have to find a helmet. I don’t know.

Starting a new character is just too much of a mission at the moment – the thought of levelling through pandaria again conjures lights behind my eyes, and I can see my ancestors when I think of redoing all of the work I’ve put in to gear her. No, this is not something that can happen. But if I change her will I still connect with her in the same way?

These are Pvp dailies. Elite dinosaurs are cheating.

These are Pvp dailies. Elite dinosaurs is cheating.

  1. Nicely written.

    I’m curious, why did you start a female character in the first place? Maybe start from there?

    Did you do it from RP purposes? Were you trying to change your gaming-style? Did you hope to find a new something in a character you haven’t found before? I’m just wildly guessing here :-)
    Does the fact that you’re a dude playing a female toon bother you in the back of your head?

    Re-customising is not going to change it in a way that will make you feel dirty every time you play that character. I’ve done it several times now, on different characters, race-changes, name changes …
    I do think you should pick an entirely different name for the male warrior though. This will make connecting to it a lot easier.

    And btw, male undeads are the best animated characters of the game, the way they slump while they move, nothing comes close in epicness :-)

    • Leit said:

      I’m a big fan of the male forsaken dance. It should be an option on every character. Add a /mosh command now, Blizzard!

      Some of the races – particularly horde, but humans stand out as well – just look plainly awful as males. For Vensters I got frustrated trying to build a Forsaken face that didn’t look like a severely displeased fish. When i switched gender to female, I instantly liked the way that the character held herself on the customization screen.

      I’ve got other female characters – my orc shaman is female, mostly because the excessive heftiness of the males is ridiculous. My tauren death knight is female, because I think female tauren find that elusive balance that blizz rarely strikes with their models – they’re muscular and powerful, yet smooth and toned without looking bulky and overdone. Almost the Bruce Lees of Azeroth, just a bit more heavily built.

      There are a couple of other females in my character stable, and I’m not going to go through them all. I don’t really see anything of myself in those characters, though. Vensters is a different story, and that snap where I realise I’m referring to her as ‘he’ is a little uncomfortable. If I’m to have an avatar rather than a character, it’s at least going to be the right gender.

      Different name is a given. Vensters is an afrikaans word meaning ‘windows’.

      • Obviously, you should just give up on the whole Forsaken thing and go goblin.

      • Leit said:

        Haste is useless to warriors. :D

        Also, the way they run seen from behind makes me think I’m playing one of the seven dwarves. Or maybe a goomba.

  2. There is one thing about Male Forsaken that I can’t stop going o_O about. So there’s that one face option that has no chin, no tongue. HOW DO THEY EAT/DRINK? HOW??

    Logically, I KNOW that it is because it’d be a pain in the ass to make a custom animation for them, but still.

    • Leit said:

      That “tongue” hanging down is actually a wasplike proboscis that liquifies their food. Including anything they cannibalize.

      Now savour that thought.

      • I’d love that for Alexalis. WTB new face options plz.

      • Leit said:

        Only if it comes with tiny, constantly squirming tentacles from the eye sockets.

  3. Don’t forget that anything you change, can always be changed back … if you pay again, of course.

    • Leit said:

      But I’ll know. ;_;

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