Well, I guess that’s settled

After a couple of nights characterised by waiting for people to be ready to raid, we managed to get all the way through to Tortos again. So we’ve got all of tuesday to work on him and his bats. Um, yay?

Tried a couple of new things on Horridon, and they worked out pretty well – having a boomkin and shaman combo works out magnificently, since Symbiosis means you get two Solar Beams for the price of one on the second door, and we had our fresh paladin tank handling the adds exclusively while the death knight took care of the boss. Avenger’s Shield: interrupting all the things since 2008. With our surplus of paladins we could always just HoP puncture stacks off the boss tank.

Council went smoothly, with us making the damage requirement despite not being crazy enough to solo-tank it. Loot happened. And lo, didst a choir of angels descend from on high.

"Where's dat wascawwy twicewatops?"

“Where’s dat wascawwy twicewatops?”

For anyone not understanding the flowery prose, that’s my paladin wielding Zerat, Malakk’s Soulburning Greatsword. Thunderforged edition.

This is one of the few weapons so far this xpac that looks better in its normal incarnation than in raid finder. Plus the colour scheme fits neatly with my existing transmog, which is always nice. And then there’s the fact that it is an ilvl 528 weapon OMG you guys. I’m going to have to perform to justify having been awarded the thing, and there’s so much hit on melee gear at the moment that I’m having a hard time making the most of its itemisation, but WORDS WORDS WORDS the master wants MURDER

Seriously, I can hardly wait to go hit something with this thing. It also means the out-of-place whining from my last post is moot, since my best character now has an almost distressingly phat weapon.

I said whadup

I said whadup

And now, a couple of touching, personal moments from the raid. Because it’s all about the touchy feelies. We’ll start with Giac, no longer bringing shame upon our fine guild with his half-transmog. Now he can bring shame upon us while looking entirely fabulous!

"I like the way it makes my nosehairs stand on end"

“I like the way it makes my nosehairs stand on end”

Next: does your shaman have a Chain Lightning addiction? Is he winding up for that delicious multi-target release even while waiting for a pull, explaining tactics, eating or mounted? Call 0-800-BUFF-NAO for help! Always remember: you and your gigantic pile of smouldering corpses are not alone.

(This is a pretty persistent graphical glitch that seems to show up constantly for shammies. At least it makes them look pretty badass. Perma-casting for the win.)

And now to prepare for the Entortening.

    • Leit said:

      According to our raid lead, it looks like a puzzle piece. I agree, and the complete picture is *my paladin kicking ass*. :D

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