The beast in question.

The beast in question.

Last night I decided to try – once again – to get my rogue through PoS. Because the last 4 times I tried resulted in groups on Lei Shen.

Zone in and, hey, guess what… group’s in the Consorts’ room, half the raid having left before going for Lei Shen. Or even the trash. That’s five times I’ve tried to get into an instance whose first two bosses drop the weapons I so badly want, and five times I’ve not even gotten to see the first two encounters. In previous runs I’d stayed and tried to down it. This time I just left immediately and ate the Deserter debuff.

Why? Dead simple. Last time I tried sticking around it ended up being 5 wipes in a row on a long-ass fight, complete with waits for replacement party members each time. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it was close on two miserable hours wasted on this piece of shit lazy fucking transcription of a boss. Having been through the 5-wipe story already on Dry earlier in the week with a mostly co-ordinated group, I was min for the same again. This boss is not worth the time investment.

What exactly is keeping Blizzard from reworking this miserable steaming pile of fail? I’d make two broad changes, and I guarantee that 90% of groups wouldn’t fall apart:

  • Gut bouncing bolts. Keep the mechanic where they summon adds when they hit unless someone’s under them, but kill their ability to bounce and summon more adds. One bolt, one add, that’s it.
  • Alternately, spawn all of the bouncing bolts in one quadrant only.
  • Slap an upper limit of 5 targets on Diffusion Chain.

The aim is pretty clear. What screws people over – what should have been pointed out by some mentally prolapsed design drone’s five-year-old daughter – is that the intermission spread mechanic requires too much co-ordination and preparation from random PuGs. So, set it up so that we can stack in one quadrant without being reamed hard by adds and Diffusion. Ta-da! Problem fucking solved. You’re welcome.

Or we could just stick with 2 hour boss fights and people constantly leaving the instance. Wouldn’t be my call.


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