Gaining momentum

Always thought that was a rockfall, but no - it's the boss

Always thought that was a rockfall, but no – it’s the boss

Goat is down.

Admittedly we used Special Tricks™ – our method for gathering up the bats was “suicidal Holy paladin switches Righteous Fury on just before bats spawn, heals like a mofo and prays the actual tank can steal aggro before said pala becomes a pink smear”. Go ahead and try this one at home, folks, it’s hi-larious.

Trick to getting the bats down in time turned out to be just kicking a turtle at them every now and then. Even so, we had a few moments where I’m not entirely sure how the healers kept the add tank up through Quake Stomp.

Still – we managed four(!) bosses on our first raid night of the week, leaving us sunday and tuesday for Megaera. Plenty of time! Which we didn’t actually need.

Not pictured: an overambitious multisnake

Not pictured: an overambitious multisnake

Megaera took a grand total of four pulls before she rolled over and… well, straight-up disappeared. Word to the wise if you’re planning on getting a screenshot for your kill: the corpse is already fading as her death animation plays. Which pretty much leaves a picture of a big box unless you’re a lot quicker on the draw than I was. Half expecting a “Forgotten Depths was merely a setback!” style not-really-dead-ism.

The actual fights was… a lot like LFR, actually, but with more damage and actual incentives for not standing in the green explodey stuff. For instance, it’ll one-shot you. We even used the good ol’ LFR tactic – green/red/repeat ad nauseam/win. Having three paladins meant three devotion auras, and with the sheer amount of magical damage in the fight – especially toward the end – that helps a lot. Three-healing made Rampage less dangerous than Acid Rain explosions, and Devo was probably used more often to deal with those than for the heavy healing phases.

That left us with most of the evening to spend on Ji-kun. We weren’t particularly well-prepared.

If you look up in the corner you can see someone still alive! THIS IS WHAT WINNING LOOKS LIKE.

If you look up in the corner you can see someone still alive! THIS IS WHAT WINNING LOOKS LIKE.

That’s one prog boss per raid night so far this week, and we’ve got tuesday night to go before the reset. Current plans on what to do with the nests seem a bit sketchy – started out with us bouncing back to the platform between nests, but that results in running out of wing charges. Another plot was to have two nest groups so as to stagger people with the Feed buff on the boss, but it seems a little overcomplicated. The derp was strong with me, though. Maybe it just looked worse than it is.

We’ll come up with something, no doubt. Just wing it?

    • Leit said:

      Special Tricks™ provided by the same holy pala who’s the only person alive in that last shot there. Had us waiting for ages while birdie cast Quills over and over in a vain attempt to murder him. Not being able to release until he finally snuffed it was a small price to pay for the entertainment.

      • Pfffft dude should’ve just beat the bird and saved the day! Probably would’ve been quicker.

      • Leit said:

        I know, right? As a fellow paladin I find his inability to Denounce through 65% of the boss’ hp inexcusable.

        (disclaimer: our third pull on Megaera ended with me bubbled, and I failed to take out the last 900k or so of her hp on my own before the bubble popped. a good meta proc would have given us a kill… derp-fu is strong with this one)

    • Being the holy pally in our raid, I don’t care so much for your Special Tricks this time around. I like living. :p

      • Leit said:

        Bah, I thought your prot pally was Batman? No trust nowadays. :D

      • If all goes well, you’ll be fine. Totally fine.

        /hides the body bag

      • Heh, actually I think our biggest problem is getting the bats down, rather than gathering them. Amongst other things like standing in falling rocks. We managed to get him down to ~34% at least twice last week, but we had other issues such as the lag boss that prevented further progress. Maybe this week.

      • Leit said:

        Boot turtles at ’em. No seriously, works great.

        Also helps if you have a cleave-happy melee handy. Ret pally oughta do it. :D

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