Try spinning

Real life descended on us in an apocalyptic series of ‘net failures and assorted issues last night. Progress was made even in the face of such adversity… we did establish that we’re probably going to need either a convoluted nest team system or to monitor our wing buffs much better. Most of our DPS have some experience on the nests now, and that can only pay off. Tanks are coming up with Special Tricks™ to deal with the swipes. Everyone’s getting comfortable with the flow of the fight. Even with continuous mishaps, every pull we make goes to below 50%. We’ll get it.

It’s been a fairly good week, all told. I got vaguely disturbing shoulders off Tortos and bought myself a chestpiece, plus an LFR tier helm in which to slot my shiny new legendary meta. All of which puts me in contention for “best in guild” spot for overall gear. Can’t wait for 5.3, if only for the return of item upgrades.

See, there’s a little bit of an issue with DPS valour gear from the ToT vendors, and that issue is +Hit. There’s a simply obscene amount of hit floating around, to the point where I’m grossly overcapped on two characters and very slightly overcapped on my main. Oh, and no haste anywhere to be found.

I’m gemming for haste + stam in the overwhelming number of blue slots in the ToT gear, mildly jumpy at the thought of someone inspecting me and calling out my maxed mining and stam gems. Gonna hafta start hidin’ on the roof of the shrine, keepin’ a sharp eye in case the Gem Police show up to shame me into sharding dem purples. “You didn’t earn those, nub” they’ll say, their  Ray-Bans reflecting the abject shame on my face. “Y’all got carried! Get disenchantin’, and be happy we don’t just drop yo’ prettyboy ass in Goldshire”.

"What do you say, Garrosh?" "You brought the Warchief in for this?" "No, Jack, we named the monkey Garrosh."

“What do you say, Garrosh?”
“You brought the Warchief in on this?”
“Oh no, Jack, we named the monkey Garrosh.”

Ahem. Honestly, though, there’s nothing much left at the valour vendors that won’t waste a ton of budget on pointless anti-avoidance. Being able to upgrade the pieces that aren’t slathered in it will be a welcome relief.

Meanwhile it’s a new week, a new lockout, and that treadmill ain’t gonna spin itself.


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