Bleh: the return of the Blehening


That moment when you realise you didn’t remember to get a screenshot, so your UI is showing

‘Net line’s done its typical African thing over the past couple of weeks, so WoW has basically been reduced to Dressup Barbie Retribution edition. Well, that and I finally switched my paladin from miner to blacksmith. I’m sure the extra 600 or so haste is totally worth it!

Actually been wanting to switch away from mining for a while now. Not the most useful, exciting or flexible perks. Considered engineering, then remembered the guy I healed in Dragon Soul whose boot enchants occasionally managed to deal somewhere in the millions worth of damage to him over the course of Madness. So yeah, BS.

Meanwhile, back in dressup barbie land, green is apparently the colour of the day. Tillers have a very attractive tabard, and green’s unusual enough (unless you’re a warlock) that it makes for a reasonably distinctive outfit.

This particular effort is based around the Landfall Warboots, which I’ve been wanting to lever into a ‘mog since I first got them as a quest reward in the early Pandaria quests. Alliance have a pair with the same name, but theirs look completely different, following the traditional blue and gold colours. Nice for a set with the dungeon plate from BC normals, but that’s off topic.

The shoulders are pretty much instantly recognisable as Pauldrons of the Wardancer, since they’re the only shoulders with this model that aren’t limited to warriors. Source ’em from Hydross, first boss in Serpentshrine. He’s pretty much dead easy. I kind of like the yellow foglights that shine out of the tops, but they caught me by surprise the first time I saw them.

Belt and chest are from the Fel Iron plate set, made while levelling blacksmithing. So if nothing else, it’s given me that. (transmog: the REAL profession perk! omg) The gloves and legs are my perennial favourites from the Vicious Pyrium cataclysm PvP crafted set (blugh what a mouthful). Both sets should be pretty cheap and/or easy to twist a guildie’s arm for.

The weapon may be a sticking point – it’s the Ruthless Gladiator’s Decapitator, earned back during Cata. Wowhead says it’s still buyable, but a lot of the PvP gear from that era disappeared magically at end of season. Either way, it’s a tremendously attractive axe with some winsome hilights that complement the other pieces rather nicely.

I’d like a chest with a higher neckline, maybe, and the belt looks much more garish in the image than I remember it being ingame. A couple of iterations might clear up those niggles. Overall, though, it’s a good low-maintenance look with plenty to recommend it.

    • Leit said:

      …this should probably have occurred to me before. I have no idea if there are high neckline shirts out there. Been wearing the same Undercity shirt from the argent tournament ever since I got there.

      • Wow, that shirt has got to have a permaodor by now.

      • Leit said:

        Eau de mana junkie. Just what every lad needs.

        Then again, he spent his first few months ingame using Undercity as his hub of choice. Nasal capabilities: annihilated. Not to mention he’s probably hardly noticeable next to the orcs and forsaken…

        The shirts from AT are actually pretty good looking, and the UC one in particular reminded me of a snug wetsuit top.

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