There was going to be a post here.

I wrote a very different post, but I’m not going to publish it. It would have been petty, complaining about RNG yet again. It would have said very little that is new, actually. And it would have been entirely out of place.

See, this tier has actually been really good to me. Our team hasn’t raided consistently, but I’ve been getting upgrades pretty steadily when we do. Hell, just this week I picked up a sweet pair of pants off Horridon.

That pair of pants is this week’s upgrade project, after which I’m actually out of things to spend valour on, and I’ll probably end up upgrading my remaining 502s. Upgrading has been amazing for my sense of progression. Back when it was first available I wasn’t earning enough valour to make use of the feature, but at the current much more affordable rates, it’s a nice way to push my gear just a little further. I spent around 3k valour upgrading the better parts of my gear last week, and it feels good, bro.

Complaining in the face of this just seems frivolous. It’d come off like complaining that I hate my superbike because it’s got a couple of scratches in the paint. At the end of the day, I’m still going to climb on that boney and thrash it ’til hot pepper sauce dribbles out of your sister’s most special places.

Heroic scenarios have proven more fun than a backseat full of stoned nursing students, especially since the queue isn’t a groundhog day loop of Moar Domination Point. The new goblin scenario is short, sweet, to the point, and lets me kablooie all of the buttons on some nice tough mobs and sub-bosses. Not to mention goblin paladin + avenging wrath = hilarity.

There’s even been some interest in challenge modes again, and they’re still hair-raisingly entertaining. This is a pretty good patch, everything considered. Hell, all I can really complain about is the bad luck streaks in pet battles and the fact that my line’s still acting up, and the latter isn’t even vaguely the game’s fault.

Well, that and the seriously creepy NPCs.

Gee, furry AND midget? Pa'Chek has seen some shit.

Gee, furry AND midget? Pa’chek has seen some shit.

  1. Getting transformed into a goblin for the scenarios:

    1.) While playing on my human Paladerp, “OH MY GOD I’M A GOBLIN PALADIN!”

    2.) While playing on my Forsaken monk, “OH MY GOD I’M A GOBLIN MONK!”

    3.) While playing on my Goblin Hunter, “OH MY GO… wait just a second, I’m already a goblin. Why’d they turn me into a different looking goblin?”

    • Leit said:

      Because all goblins look the same to them. See, it’s actually an expression of Lorewalker Cho’s deep latent OMGRACISM.

      Also, my paladin feels *fast* as a goblin. WTB that feeling of speed.

  2. The picture had me rolling and yes, they do seem to think that changing us from one thing to another is hilarious. However, after looking at a Blood Elf with long luxurious black hair and moving with such grace – to get turned into a very bald and seemingly “fat” human was quite the shocker – kept losing my character in the instance because I forgot what he looked like as a bald human. :D

    • Leit said:

      Why are we always bald when we get humanised? My pally’s illusionary self has a magnum PI moustache, sideburns for days, and yet is totally bald otherwise. Head looks like a badly constructed hamburger.

      • I don’t know but it always makes me wince a bit – I thought that they looked like badly formed eggs. My guy is more of the Hugh Jackman kind of hairy dude for a Blood Elf – at least in my mind. To see him totally bald, kind of round and dumpy looking is mindblowing. :D

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