A familiar hat

Since I’m not raiding, there’s been a bit more time to level alts and such. Latest addition to the 90 stable is my old friend Bitterwind, the priest I healed on through T12 and 13.

Dot iz vun verra nize hat

Dot iz vun verra nize hat

Well, when I say “not raiding”, I don’t mean “not LFRing”, though that’s cut down to when my anaemic ‘net connection can service a 25-man load. No, Bitter’s already run through the first segment of ToT. Atonement’s very different from how I used to heal, but it’s also a fair bit more latency-tolerant, and I always have the option of spreading bubbles liberally across the raid.

Not dodgy at all

Not dodgy at all

Levelling’s pleasantly improved by the loosening of xp requirements in Pandaria, and even dungeons seem to be slightly less godawfully useless. That said, I have a persistent issue on the last few toons that have gone through the HC dungeon process. You see, I keep forgetting to thrust my impatiently vibrating quest items into Sally Whitemane’s body.

Yeah, that’s pretty much straight off the description.

Had a few characters now who’ve left the quest incomplete for months at a stretch. There’s just something about it. Or I’m getting lazy.

In other news, considering a move with a couple of guildies to a more Horde-friendly server. Transfer special week seems to have decimated the already low red presence on our server. Ran a quick PuG Sha of Fear with a group from Lightning’s Blade already.

The question becomes whether I should keep my fairly well geared main on Lightbringer or move him to get the best performance. Doesn’t feel right moving a toon that was geared by this guild, though. I’ve got some neat stuff, and we were doing okay on the raiding front before attendance killed all progress. Could be this is just a patch we’ll get through in time. Doesn’t feel much like it right now, though… attendance has been our bugbear since day 1, and at least I wouldn’t be alone with a few familiar faces on the other side as well.

This may seem moot when my line prevents stable raiding, but a good PuG presence on another server would mean that I could maybe get into a few raids in those times when the connection isn’t doing its “220 lat lol j/k 700” thing.

Either way, for now it’s levelling of toons on a PvP server to get a feel for the place. I hear Outland’s a blast, what with lvl 90 toons wandering around killing quest mobs and sweeping out of the sky to gank lowbies. So much to look forward to.

  1. Oh, I forgot about that one. Sometimes, I wonder if Blizzard employees read some of the item descriptions at all, or if they read them and just giggle.

    • Leit said:

      Their team’s big enough for the oblivious designer who tosses these things in accidentally AND the sniggering reprobate who glories in sliding stuff under the radar.

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