Quiet days

Given that updates on this blog have been somewhat sparse, one might be inclined to believe that I had given up playing WoW for the moment. Perish the thought! No, I’ve merely been retrenched.

Well, that actually sounds worse than it is. What’s actually happened is that I’ve applied for and received a voluntary retrenchment package. This arrangement is slightly better than being retrenched in that I get more severance pay. Either way, with this being the second round of retrenchments at this company in the last 6 months, I decided to escape the suffocatingly negative environment that was my workplace. Well, still is, for the next week or so.

The major issue now is that over the past couple of years I’ve become the sole person responsible for eight systems. Not projects – entire systems. None of them were properly handed over to me, but since I’m effectively that guy left holding the potato when the music stopped, I’m now responsible for documenting these systems and their business rules. All of them. While closing out my current projects. This has left me with somewhat less free time than usual at work. Also a burning desire to acid-etch the flesh of whoever implemented list formatting in MS Word.

In the meantime my ‘net connection has actually returned to a semblance of reasonable service, though having placed that sentence in writing has no doubt begun an eldritch process whereby my line is once more conspiring to betray me. I’ve levelled my death knight to 90 and crafted the magnificent PvP set for her. There isn’t a lot of raiding going on, so it’s been casual play for the most part, which is perfectly adequate at the moment.

I’ve run out of Dresden Files books, though I have yet to find a retailer stocking Cold Days near me. Meanwhile yon wifelet has acquired for me a tome called Ghost Spin, which looks to be a rousing tale. There is, then, no lack of entertainment forthcoming.

Meanwhile, back to work.


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