So, what does one do when not raiding? Surprisingly enough, the answer is often ‘raid’.

Ama zoom-zoom

Ama zoom-zoom

Remembered to get some screenshots from this PuG. Hilariously enough, while it started out as a straight ToES run on TH, it ended up being pretty much a Hordivores semi-run with all 5 of us online at the time in the run. Not sure whether we should be proud that we were holding up the damage and healing… eh, screw it, we did good.


Say that again, I dare you. I double dare you, mother fucker!

Mentioned the death knight PvP crafted set last time, and I stand by my assertion… on a tauren, this set looks like an Evangelion crossbred with a rhinoceros. Tauren often have issues with helms due to the snout, but in this case it fits perfectly – better than the cheesy psycho grin that comes standard with other models.

And finally, I got my Zookeeper achievement. Yeah, days before the spawn rate was buffed. Figured with Blizzard’s reaction to previous overcamped rare spawns – Minfernal anyone? – that it’d be a while before they gave in. Nice to know they’re getting a bit more reasonable and not just dismissing player concerns about having to spend hours out in the middle of goddamn nowhere. Seriously, what’s the point of having a bunch of people congregate for days out in the arse-end of a desert with absolutely nothing to do? That’s time they’re not spending doing stuff with other people, and yet the last I checked this was a social game.

Aww yeah wanna come swing on my monkey bars?

Aww yeah wanna come swing on my monkey bars?

Aaand I’m ranting. Anyway, next episode: death knights levelling on a PvP server! Which is mostly instances so far, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any player versus player action.

  1. I keep on meaning to go out looking for the Quiraji Guardling, and keep forgetting to do it. I don’t know when “summer” is officially over, anyway. Somebody in my guild hypothesized that it was when Midsummer Fire Festival was over, in which case, uh, oops.

    • Leit said:

      Summer started with the fire festival and ends 3 months later.

  2. #&@*#(%^!@ now that song is stuck in my head. Thanks Leit

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