101 more things to do when you’re dead

After the last post’s semi-guildrun-thing, we actually got a proper guild group together and cleared Terrace. Go us!

Some folks may be missing because they wouldn't stand still in frame...

Some folks may be missing because they wouldn’t stand still in frame…

What else to do, though? Well, in between about a million interviews and some crushing self-doubt, I’ve been levelling toons on a PvP server again. Got a little warrior as a tank, since I never got the hang of warrior-tanking in Cata and I figured it’d be better now.

Well, it’s… different now.

Not actually relevant, but this quest is hilariously bugged at the moment. "I could have sworn the Banshee Queen was a goth chick... NOPE, HORSE"

Not actually relevant, but this quest is hilariously bugged at the moment. “I could have sworn the Banshee Queen was a goth chick… NOPE, HORSE”

One of the issues with rage tanks is that if you miss your rage-generating attacks then you’re completely hosed. Guess how much hit and expertise there is on low level gear? If you guessed “bugger all”, then full points.


OMG OP nerf nao

Warriors still have very little by way of options when pulling from range, and they don’t really have AoE early on. Hell, they don’t have any attacks early on. Up until 26 your only option for a semi-spammable attack is Sunder Armor, which does exactly zero damage. Somehow manages to keep threat, though.

Started a paladin (there’s a surprise) shortly after the warrior, specced it out as tank, and the contrast is unbelievable. Just being able to deal damage from range and having a reliable self-heal makes a massive difference, and having an attack that’s up every few seconds from lvl 7 is so much better. Mobility or not, I can navigate a dungeon so much faster on a paladin.

A lot of the difference comes down to Avenger’s Shield – being able to grab threat from range and keep it, plus the interrupt/silence effect. Makes Heroic (hah!) Throw look like the joke it is. On the plus side, once you hit 30 and get Revenge, nothing will ever out-aggro you again, provided that you can keep stuff in range.

Also been slowly levelling a monk. One of the nice things about monks is that “slowly” is a relative term. There’s a daily class quest at your handy Acherus analogue that grants a buff that increases any xp you gain by 50% for an hour. Stacks up to 3 hours. Each of these quests requires the defeat of a master, but what got me was the comments that the masters use when you challenge them.

This guy, for instance, spends too much time on the PvP forums.

This guy, for instance, spends too much time on the PvP forums.

They seem to be not-so-subtle jabs at some of the playerbase. It’s brilliant. There are also two Master Chengs… a pandaren male and a belf female. That’s… kind of freaky.

Lastly there’s the Brawler’s Guild. At some point, after watching guildies struggle with GG Engineering, I basically plowed my way through the first 6 ranks or so by sheer skill and overgearing like a boss. Rank 7 was kind of fun, with gear not making such a great difference and fewer “haha you’re melee FUCK YOU” fights. Then I hit rank 8. Which meant Hexos.

Allow me to illustrate Hexos with the involuntary help of some random ‘lock who was trying it as well. (since there’s no way in hell I can take screenies while trying the fight…)


This ain’t so bad, I don’t see the big… uh…


...deal... whoa...

…deal… whoa…


...ohshiii wtf...

…ohshiii wtf…


...GG lol.

…GG lol.

The fight is literally playing this game while running your rotation well enough to manage 100k DPS. It’s… insane. Oh, and tends to bug out for pet classes if Hexos goes for your pet first, so there’s that. For those who don’t want to click the link, here’s the breakdown: if you’re facing any of those pink bits when they get to you, it’s over. Instant death. If nothing else, this serves as a warning of how much worse Durumu’s floor maze could have been.

So yeah, not sure when or if I’ll ever make that one. Ah well.


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