Dem bones

Blizzard recently announced a tentative completion percentage of 25% on new character models. That’s great and all. It’s kicked off a few forum threads and a couple of called-in articles. There seems to be a pretty common preference established with regard to reworking the Forsaken, though, and it’s one that has me shaking my head in puzzlement. To whit, most folks in favour of a rework want our undead chums to ensure their knees and elbows remain inside the model for the duration of the ride.

Your average forsaken, giving approximately zero fucks

Your average forsaken, giving approximately zero fucks

That’s… kind of awful.

Yeah, the forsaken have some issues with their model. Mostly revolving around the fact that they have awful turtle necks, chest armour that distorts in a curve making them look like they’re melting, and anything other than heavy plate-style boots looking awful thanks to being cut off at the ankle. Still, they are – like most of the other Horde races barring belves – humanoid without looking like humans run through a stretch tool.

Do people really want to play humans with bad skin and worse posture? The forsaken animation set is awesome, and that alone distinguishes them, sure. But bones poking through the skin? That’s a powerful visual signal, even in stills. It’s an identity. Given how many complaints come from the stretched humans (and their special guests the draenei) about how alliance has no identity… I think it’s worth holding onto, don’t you?

That said, it’d be remiss to end this post without a little hypocrisy. One thing I would like is asymmetrical bones – elbow poking through one side, knee on the other – rather than all four contact points. Ideally have it customisable similarly to the jawline – full, half one way, half the other, completely gone. I like diametrical symmetry, but others might like the evened-out look, and still others might prefer complete asymmetry.

Just don’t make it possible to create a forsaken without bones. That’d be a tragedy.

  1. We already have enough problems with wanna-be Alliance thanks to Blizzard using the blood elf models for high elves (albeit with blue eyes). Lord knows what we’d wind up with if we had boneless Forsaken (like chicken, but worse).

    • Leit said:

      Horde have blue-eyed blood elves too! They’re generally referred to by the appelation “oh my god this dk can’t keep aggro”.

  2. Them too. Actually, I wonder how many of them are DKs specifically for the blue eyes.

    • Leit said:

      Dunno. I’d expect that sort of choice on an RP server, but being of the opposite faction from most of the folks who’d have storylines intersecting with helves would likely put a bit of a lock on it. After all, it’s hard to have a showdown in the streets of Teldrassil when the damn guards won’t leave you the hell alone.

      • I dunno. Based on a number of random things like the presence of “Stormwind Embassy” type guilds, blood elves in Alliance-themed transmog, etc., I wonder if setting matters as much as being special. How the hell ya gonna have a diplomatic summit if King Chin just wants to stab you?

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