So, that happened.

Starting to settle in at the new job, so updates might actually happen more frequently again.

Someday I'll take a good action shot of one of my toons, I swear...

Someday I’ll take a good action shot of one of my toons, I swear…

Got my legendary cloak. Not on the day of the patch – gasp! – but on the day thereafter. Probably would have waited longer still if it weren’t for a guildie who’d farmed up his last runestones the day before and who did all the schlep work of putting together a group that (mostly) stayed together for all four bosses. So, thanks, Dan. Don’t worry though, you’re still a dick.

The proc is off Xuen’s bath towel is surprisingly effective. On most fights it accounts for 6% or so of my damage, making it as good as most of my actual abilities. Well worth the grind. Also, watching my character go completely bosbefok is marvellous.

Dan and I were the first two to get the cloaks – close enough that I’m not sure which of us handed in first for the guild achieve. Quite a few of the other guildies are making progress, though – we’ve already got a cloaked healer* and a caster DPS who’s a couple of celestials away. Fun times.

Not having to actually display the cloak to get the visual proc is the best idea Blizzard’s had in a long time, and that alone makes me happy they went with a cloak rather than something unhideable like, say, a weapon. That said, the fact that these blue/white wings clash with my transmog has been getting on my proverbial tits. Juuust a little. Time to play dress-up again. Speaking of…

elixirIt seems that the old quest mobs in the Vale now drop a new elixir which turns one’s character into an appropriately-attired Golden Lotus guard, such as they were before the HORRIBLE DESTRUCTION. I quite like this bronze armour set, and don’t recall seeing it at all while levelling! What a shame.

In other news, the guild’s cleared the first Flex quarter and the first two bosses in Normal, which is actually pretty good for a first week. We’ve got some of our Cata raiders showing interest again, which is pretty awesome. Guild cleared ToT all the way to Animus in one night**, which is excellent given that we were routinely stumped by Tortos before and had never even seen past Ji-kun before. Yes, it’s nerfed, and no, I don’t really care.

Siege looks to be much better balanced for our needs – less “every raid member must know how to execute this arbitrary mechanic perfectly or we all die” checks. Group cohesion’s important, and we do that fairly well. If the roster holds together, I can see this being a very good patch for us.

Flex has been interesting – the difference between Flex and Normal is pronounced to say the least, but unlike LFR, the mechanics appear to be entirely intact. Made learning the first couple of bosses vastly easier. Being able to pop latecomers and random friends in as well is marvellous.


* I’m not jealous that the cloak’s wings look so much better than my pally version. At all. >.>

** Disclaimer: I wasn’t involved in this at all, being that my beloved wifelet got me Cold Days and I had to read it immediately.

  1. I didn’t care about the cloak until all my guildmates started showing up with wings … then I was like, CRAAAAAAAAAAP. I still have to make exalted with Wrathion. /facepalm

    • Leit said:

      The wings are cool. I got what appears to be a giant blue crab on my back. There’s gotta be a “Ghostcrawler nerfing ret in person” joke in here somewhere.

      The tanking cloak looks very… Aliens-ish. Also looks pretty damn good on a warrior kitted in PvP gear. (yeah, I hope that was a transmog…)

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