Why so linear

Time keeps moving forward! This is surprising. Things continue happening in sequential order, instead of all at the same time all the time. Well, except for the things that get reset every week, which we then do in a different but similar sequence. I blame the Timewalkers.

The king of blue lies defeated

The king of blue lies defeated

Got a guildrun on Lei Shen last week. Bit late as usual, but at least he’s down.

My stabs, let me show you them

My stabs, let me show you them

Got LFR Britomart off a very friendly dinosaur. It’s pretty now that it no longer looks anything like itself. I’m a big fan of the Klaxxi-style polearm model… it’s smooth enough that it fits with almost any ‘mog, but detailed enough that it still looks good. And yes, my dancing steel ‘chant appears to be perpetually trying to escape its mortal prison.

Acid crane woo

Acid crane woo

Got Chi-chi. Today’s reset is the start of a brand-new three-week pet grind. Have I mentioned that having the tournament reset on US time is truly abyssmal? Anyway… Chi-chi was the pet that I was actually after when I decided to give the tourney a shot. His moveset leaves much to be desired, but overall he just looks like a custom paint job for a sportsbike.

If the screenshots look a bit odd, it’s because I got a new machine. More resmolutions, prettier everythings, better performance. And water is really pretty. Haven’t set up Gimp yet, so these images were also set up in, of all things, Paint. But… it’s all just so pretty.

But charisma is my dump stat

But charisma is my dump stat

    • Leit said:

      This is blizzard finally accepting that the player population is 40% blood elves. /flourish

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