This character model actually looks pretty good without the hover-weapon on its back. The tone of the cinematic suited hiding my polearm, and now I sort of wish there was a way to hide it in general. Other than unequipping, of course.

In coincidental news, the three celestials appearing in that image also happen to be the same three whose pet-versions I’ve acquired from the tournament so far. Just three short weeks until this chapter closes behind me. I won’t say that I’ll never take part in the tourney again – that seems short-sighted. But given the frustrating nature of the RNG that determines success or failure, it’ll be severely unlikely that I do.

The whole mess makes me sort of wonder what’s next for pet battles. We haven’t heard anything about epic-quality pets in a long while, and that seems like a good thing. As for the tournament itself, it seems to have been generally well received, though that’s probably more to do with the novelty and rewards than anything else – which means that it’s sunk as soon as most battlers have familiarised themselves with all of the trainers and acquired the full set of pets. Blizzard does have a tendency to iterate, so maybe we’ll see something with a bit of a different format next. At the very least I can thank the tournament for giving me a reason to level some very interesting pets.

Meanwhile, back on the raiding front… we’d been stuck on Norushen 10N for a while. Week before last we powered through to the kill. Downed Sha of Pride in one pull, had a few decent attempts at Galakras but no down. Last week didn’t see any progression at all; the wifelet and I were out scampering around the bushveldt getting sunburn, and the run just never came together regardless.

One of the issues might be Flex… we’re running two nights a week for Flex, and then one night N prog. That doesn’t give us a lot of time working on normal, and worse yet, the normal run is on a week-night when people need to get to bed earlier. Extending hours is pretty much out of the question. It’d work out if we could down the Flex bosses faster, but there seems to be a frustrating tendency for people to be completely unable to rein in their off-topic rambling. Sure, we’re a guild not an army, blah – it’s a waste of people’s goddamn time. Mumble’s running outside of raid time as well, and that would seem to be a better time to talk about arbitrary miscellanea than when we need to focus. This isn’t Dragon Soul – there are 14 bloody bosses in this raid, and they’re all long-ass fights, apart from Norushen.

No, I’m not the most polite or social guildie in the world. Grr.

Either way, we’re trying for prog on friday this week. See how that goes. Won’t have the boost from Flex gear for the week yet, but that’s fairly low-importance. We’re not hitting enrages… it’s just refinement that we need.


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