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So. The Vaykor Hek.

Modelled here by Booben, all praise him ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Modelled here by Booben, all praise him ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Vay Hek has been a thing for… a bit more than a week now, I think? I’m a huge fan of original-flavour Hek, so this one has been on my list for, oh, a little over a week. Now.

This is a syndicate version of a weapon that already had a syndicate mod. A really good syndicate mod. A syndicate mod that made Hek the only practical shottie before the recent shotgun rework, and which elevated it to the king and eternal overlord spot on a lot of people’s rosters once the buff had been accomplished. And a mod that’s getting a lot of flak for apparently instigating a crisis of faith in the multishot system.

Pictured: subjugation

Pictured: subjugation

See, multishot basically doubles your damage. Your total damage. Most mods only operate on the base damage*, or the damage modified by said base damage mods**. Multishot magics new bullets into existence, and each new round has the full plethora of mods applied. The mods are expensive points-wise, but once you have one or two pure damage mods applied, multishot is easily the biggest point-for-point damage increase in the game.

Vaykor Hek, naturally, can’t use its non-syndicate sibling’s syndicate mod. This lead to calls of uselessness, which has coincided with the dev team taking a good hard look at multishot’s mechanics. Which is generally accepted as “we’re gonna nerf this so hard you’ll never see 60 minutes in T4S again“.

Despite the reaction, the Vaykor isn’t without its selling points. For one thing, it’s the first shotgun in a very long time with a semi-decent crit chance, which means it gives one the opportunity to haul out the previously useless Primed Ravage, if you’re into ranking expensive mods that are only useful on a single weapon. This doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement, but critical hits actually have a similar total-damage-increase effect to multishot, making them less reliable but equally – or even more – devastating on a weapon that can effectively build for crit. This means that while the Vaykor may not hit as hard on every shot, on average it’ll match its little cousin, and its crits will hit much, much harder.

Vaykor also gets the syndicate radial blast effect without giving up a mod slot. Okay, so calling a straight 200% damage increase for a mere 7 points giving up a slot is a little of a stretch, but that also means you have space to slot more goodies, and you’ll have the syndicate proc from the start while levelling. For someone like me who likes making bars go up, that’s a fair deal. Not that you’ll need to spend as much time on Forma as with the standard Hek, since Vaykor comes with a bushel of free polarities. That’s three forma you won’t have to spend. Okay, two if you’re not as big a fan of the D as DE obviously are. Hur hur.

The Vaykor also has a faster fire rate and twice the ammo capacity. You want the old, pre-broken-reload Strun Wraith back? Yeah, V.Hek has basically the same feel, but with crit instead of status and damage instead of lightning reload. It even seems to have more of a chokk feel to its sound than the almighty thoom of the original.

Now, that’s a pretty big list. You might expect people to look at it and be somewhat impressed. If so, then you’d never have encountered the Warframe fanbase.

Immediate reaction to New Hek’s release was… yeah. Effectively a riot. Insistence that it did less damage, that it was a missed opportunity, that it required the expensive Primed Ravage. Even when theorycrafters proved that its sustained damage beat the Hek, the burst offered by Scattered Justice offered a fallback position for those determined to hold on to their outrage.

This original-flavour Hek has 5 forma on it, and is now obsolete

This original-flavour Hek has 5 forma on it, and is now obsolete

This has had one pleasant side-effect: Vaykor Hek is dirt cheap compared to the other syndicate primaries. Whether because of the forum explosion or the fact that a lot of folks side with Steel Meridian as the obvious Good Guys™, you can pick up a V.Hek in trade for a third of the price of the Sancti Tigris at the moment. And that’s a great thing, because this gun kicks ass.

An 8-round magazine gives you the ability to take on great heaping crowds of enemies, and Warframe is all about the seething mobs. The handling difference is evolutionary. This is a Hek that you can be a little reckless with, because the follow-up is that little bit faster and you’ve got the ammo to spare. Yet it’s still capable of one-shotting anything on the map and most things in the Void.

Some folks are worried that spending time and forma on anything right now is going to be a waste, that the impending Doom of Multishot means they’re going to be left with a useless lump of pig iron. I say: Forma this. Rank it. Enjoy it, and savour the delicious fluids spilled forth by your enemies.

This gun is worth it, even here at the end of the world.


  • * Serration, Point Blank, Hornet Strike, Pressure Point – those mods that the wiki insists you put on before anything else. This is for a reason.
  • ** Elemental mods, I/P/S mods – basically anything that says +damage but isn’t in the above list.
Press X to dedicate your life to farming Neurodes

Press X to dedicate your life to farming Neurodes

Sometime before the most recent Great Disappearance, I tried getting into Warframe for a bit again. That… didn’t really work out, and I quit. Again. But since a couple of months back, I’ve resumed playing.


Or perhaps Once More, if you’re as bothered by the overuse of the term as I am.

Anyway, yeah. My biggest barrier to jumping back in last time was the fact that a lot of the cool new stuff was locked away in Clan research. That was resolved by the developers spending some time adding gear to the market instead. Sure, there were still some new shinies in the Dojo, and my beloved* sword and shield were locked in the Tenno Research terminal, but at least there was some stuff that I could invest in to get started.

Also helped that, on the second day of logging in, I got my first ever 75% discount offer. Totally not a transparent attempt to encourage investment, but hey, it worked. That plat got sunk straight into a new frame because I didn’t feel like kicking off with a grind, and what a grind I did bypass… by buying Mesa.

To be honest, I bought her because she looked cool and her theme was “gunslinger”, and at first I thought she was a bit mediocre because I didn’t know how Peacemaker worked. Bear in mind that at this point I was still avoiding the forums – step 1 in any plan for maintaining satisfaction with a game.

Also to avoid things like this when... questioning the wisdom of the game's creators

Also to avoid things like this when… questioning the wisdom of the game’s creators

So yeah, it turned out that I’d bought the current faceroll frame of killing everything, bypassing a grind that’s kept people farming her parts for some months now, depending on their fortune**. And of course I was Doing It Wrong. She’s actually some sort of super-godmode priestess of death, praying for war and decimating the enemy before her party members can have any fun with righteous fury.

What I’m saying is, she’s pretty fun to play – less so in her aspect as a turret of instant aimbot death, but equally capable as a self-buffing nigh-invincible mobile destroyer.

That got me involved, and sort-of solved the other issue I had – how to get at those shiny weapons without being a free-riding leech. The clan that I’m with at the moment has most of it’s research done, but I’ve been quietly contributing to clan decorations and new research so as not to feel like a leech.

It’s the new research that has me worried, though. We’ve just come off one item for a niche playstyle that required pretty heavy resource investment, and now the clan is faced with another utterly ludicrous resource grind for the same niche. Usually donations don’t take all that long, but for this one, well…

Clan chat has gone quiet. I’m not sure if people are waiting for a nerf on the resource price, or just waiting it out, and maybe I’m projecting, but that big Tellurium sink in the Dojo just feels like it’s making people guilty. That’s killing the social aspect of the clan, and it is piss-poor design – especially as it seems to be a punitive measure to counter some exploit that a few people used to get large amounts of resources. Most players didn’t know about the exploit until it was patched, and fewer still used it, yet DE is comfortable punishing the entire playerbase with this bullshit? Yeah, seems fucking sensible to me.

Apart from DE’s slow drift out of touch with their playerbase, though, it’s still pretty fun. And there are compensations to be found when running out of bars to fill as well. I’ve rediscovered Valkyr, and my beloved Excalibur has been turned from a fairly solid frame into a water-walking, feed-the-masses, table-flipping avatar of the divine.

Here's to magic ninjas in space

Life’s pretty good out among the stars

I’d say I’ll talk more about those later, but let’s be honest – Odin alone knows when the next update will be.


  • * Beloved until I discovered that the stats are absolute ass, at least…
  • ** The RNG on Mesa’s parts is three layers deep – and that’s after completing the quest that even gets you the blueprint to make the boss key. Good luck, have fun.


Earlier in the year I traded my subscription in for three-month game time cards. Current one runs out at the end of the month, and I’m not renewing it.

If you're doing something, do it properly.

If you’re doing something, do it properly.

Horribly enough, there’s no option to supply Blizzard with a “why I’m unsubbing” message if you’re on prepaid, which calls into question every single thing they’ve ever said about reasons why people unsub. They’re just not getting feedback from people who are using game cards, and in my experience, that’s most of the player base. Not to mention that I switched to prepaid partly because I wasn’t sure if I’d want to keep playing.

This has been a while coming. I submitted an ingame CS ticket explaining one of the issues – to whit, that Blizzard seems to think that grinding on alts is gameplay, and I tend to think that playing different characters with different abilities is gameplay. But there’s no room in 500 characters for all of the reasons, so in order of “hey I should remember to put this down”, here we go:

  • Alts. I’m an altoholic who has spent the entire expansion playing a single character. I dislike feeling that time spent on an alt means less effectiveness on my raiding toon. I dislike having to grind stuff on alts that I’ve already unlocked on my main – and yes, the commendations and timeless isle stuff is much better, but commendations were after a huge chunk of the base quit already, and timeless comes at the end of the expansion, when Blizzard admit that they relax the rules. That doesn’t bode well for alt-play in the future.
  • Melee DPS are second-class citizens, and I don’t see that going away. I like smacking things in the face, but Blizzard’s encounter designers don’t seem to believe in this as a valid playstyle, and their graphics team can’t seem to figure out how to make non-casters look and feel impressive.
  • Timeless Isle style content doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t want to run around looking for rares and arriving just too late, or grinding mobs to spawn a better mob that I don’t get to before someone kills it, or doing anything involving fucking Shaohao rep. But at the WoD announcement, TI-style content was trumpeted as the way of the future. Yeah, not my future, thanks. I’d rather they look back at Domination Point.
  • Artificial gating. The worst was requiring us to earn reputations in order to spend our valour, and that persisted right up to Shado-Pan Assault, aka the final tier of valour gear. Fantastic idea there, guys. Totally not still bitter about that shit. This feeds heavily into the alt issue, because climbing those gates the second or third time was just never worth it. But it’s also the little things, like putting major content hubs out in the middle of bloody nowhere with no quick way to get there. Sure, flight paths let you see the world… but it’s five minutes that the “player” is not actually playing the game.
  • A minor point: I went on holiday, and didn’t miss the game at all. I was relieved. That’s not something you want your players feeling – that not playing feels like a pressure draining from behind the eyes, that the distortion this pressure caused was robbing everything else of its delight.
  • Finally: boneheadedness, specifically on Blizzard’s part. The current Blizzard design team is very sensitive to criticism, and seems to respond to any well-considered argument with “well, that’s true, but another segment of our playerbase experiences [x hair-raising idiocy] differently” or the old favourite “players on the forums are not representative of the overall base”. As I pointed out earlier with regard to unsub reasons, Blizzard is not above using non-representative data when it supports their view. There’s a term for that, and it is confirmation bias.

    The current design team take months to fix issues that players feel very strongly about, apparently simply because they don’t want to admit that they came up with a poor design. They blame players for not testing for them, especially in PvP, even when issues are pointed out to them before the content goes live. They carry elements that are not fun forward – see again rep gating for valour gear, culminating in not even having a valour tier for the latest content. All in all, the design team come across as childish and stubborn.

That final point is something that’s been building up throughout the expansion, and something that is going to carry over to the next. The design team is unable to deal with the fact that they make poor decisions, and that they are dealing with a sophisticated customer base with intimate knowledge of a product that’s been running for a decade now, counting the beta. Their arrogance and stubbornness is as galling as any griefer in LFR.

So yeah. Not sure what’s next… maybe Deus Ex, maybe more shooting, maybe more coding, maybe BDSM or becoming a florist. What’s certain is that it isn’t going to happen in Azeroth.

Given that updates on this blog have been somewhat sparse, one might be inclined to believe that I had given up playing WoW for the moment. Perish the thought! No, I’ve merely been retrenched.

Well, that actually sounds worse than it is. What’s actually happened is that I’ve applied for and received a voluntary retrenchment package. This arrangement is slightly better than being retrenched in that I get more severance pay. Either way, with this being the second round of retrenchments at this company in the last 6 months, I decided to escape the suffocatingly negative environment that was my workplace. Well, still is, for the next week or so.

The major issue now is that over the past couple of years I’ve become the sole person responsible for eight systems. Not projects – entire systems. None of them were properly handed over to me, but since I’m effectively that guy left holding the potato when the music stopped, I’m now responsible for documenting these systems and their business rules. All of them. While closing out my current projects. This has left me with somewhat less free time than usual at work. Also a burning desire to acid-etch the flesh of whoever implemented list formatting in MS Word.

In the meantime my ‘net connection has actually returned to a semblance of reasonable service, though having placed that sentence in writing has no doubt begun an eldritch process whereby my line is once more conspiring to betray me. I’ve levelled my death knight to 90 and crafted the magnificent PvP set for her. There isn’t a lot of raiding going on, so it’s been casual play for the most part, which is perfectly adequate at the moment.

I’ve run out of Dresden Files books, though I have yet to find a retailer stocking Cold Days near me. Meanwhile yon wifelet has acquired for me a tome called Ghost Spin, which looks to be a rousing tale. There is, then, no lack of entertainment forthcoming.

Meanwhile, back to work.

…that started out as pictures, but got misspelled and seemed appropriate.


This is a travesty

This is a travesty

Started a warlock, because I’m just so fuckin good at casters. Early on in Durotar there’s a cave with a bunch of Burning Blade loons who put a stacking debuff on their targets that end up making you look like a demon-form lock! Can has awesome demonform early, right? Except no, my pet gets to be a glowy Illidan-thing like 30 levels before me.

And so does someone’s boar.



I think I had this poster in my wannabe-goth phase

I think I had this poster in my wannabe-goth phase

Literally stopped caring about my LFD group while levelling the human pally, and wandered off to go check out the dungeon scenery. Turns out it’s actually pretty cool! And very unexpected, given where we were.

Sunreaver constructs are adorkable

Sunreaver constructs are adorkable

Pretty much every construct on Thunder Isle has a couple of utterly hilarious “d’awwww”lines. Except possibly Haywire, because he is a melee-hating abomination of pus and vileness.

Muad'Dib! Muad'Dib! Muad'Dib!

Muad’Dib! Muad’Dib! Muad’Dib!

Don’t you hate it when you’re merrily flying around on your dragon and someone casts Summon Bigger Fish?

Reverse cow... something?

Reverse cow… something?

So yeah, while wandering around on our merry course around Pandaria, our little group of guildies came across some alliance camping a Zandalari rare’s spawnpoint. After some /spitting by the (as usual) less-than-polite allies, our priest decided to take them on. Alone. The escape plan we concocted after his inevitable but entertaining demise involved Shroud of Concealment, a PvP-marked dragon as a distraction, and apparently not enough time to mount up facing the right way.

It... it SEES us, Precious!

It… it SEES us, Precious!

So yeah, every time I /reload ui since 5.2 I get a message asking me to release. Seems… legit? “GIVE UP YOUR MORTAL HOPES AND DREAMS, COME EXPERIENCE WITH US THE ETERNAL MUSIC OF THE OLD ONES

What but but this cannot be

What but but this cannot be

Those are actual instructions for the last boss of ToT LFR part 1. The group actually took a couple of minutes to ensure everyone knew the plan, and then mostly stuck to it! That… just doesn’t happen. Not on our battlegroup, at any rate. I want to frame this image and hang it up on my farm or something.

Oh, remember to watch out for the everything

Oh, remember to watch out for the everything

We wipe more on this trash than on the first boss. Still, mildly hilarious seeing  a chain of pets, warlocks and tanks go flying off the bridge into the abyss.

sadtabardThis tabard just looks so, so tragically sad. :( It needs ice cream or something.

Or maybe just a better designer.

With all of the timesinks in Pandaria just to maintain some level of effectiveness, taking the time to just go rumble through something for the fun of it can slip a bit. So. Last night we had an impromptu Sinestra run.

The whole thing pretty much started as an offhand comment on Mumble. Within a few minutes we had 9 stalwart souls clearing BoT HC, one playing LoL, and another avoiding us by citing the fact that he was at his gf’s place and nowhere near his PC. Such slacking, I don’t even.

This was the first time I’ve seen Sinestra since Cata. It’s also the first time downing her. Oh, and we got the guildrun achieve. Firsts all around! As usual, I didn’t get a pic. Unusually, I do have a reason!

Stop that girl, she swiped my boots!

Stop that girl, she swiped my boots! And her little dog, too!

Yeah, she pretty much dropped that chest right on my prime belf hindquarters. Talk about your jealous bitches. Sorry hon, they don’t make figures like this in XXXL-plus-plus-plus.

Ermehgerd make it stop

Ermehgerd make it stop

Meanwhile, back in the land of minimal progression for maximum time investment, I’m still hitting up scenarios like a drunk student 10 minutes before the club closes. It’d be nice to get something other than Domination Point and Greenstone, though. I mean, I hear there’s this sweet scenario called Dagger in the Dark? Got a quest for it and everything, but my rogue hasn’t seen it once in the 3 weeks that quest has been in his log.

Two of my characters hit valour cap this week, which is some kind of personal record this expansion. Turns out that relentlessly running a healer through everything possible will cap her pretty quickly, allowing one’s main to reap the delicious pointy benefits.

Yes, I just said main. Despite being an incurable altoholic, the game at this point is not tuned for anything more than a main and maybe a couple of satellite characters. This admission cost me a lot, and it’s costing even more emotionally when I come up against problems like my legs. No, this isn’t going to segue into an Oscar Pistorius joke.

I’ve been eligible to run Nightmare of Shek’zeer LFR every week it’s been available. I haven’t run it every week, but every time I have I’ve spent a token on it. So far that’s 24 rolls. Add in any number of rolls on Sha of Wednesday Lootiness, A bunch more on the final boss of MSV, and… well… it’s starting to look like the game’s just forgotten entirely that it can drop leg slot items for my paladin. I’m still wearing the 471 (upgraded!) blues that I got a day or two after hitting 90.

It feels like I’m stuck. While other folks are unlocking their 4-set bonuses, carrying their ilvls to ever more deliciously satisfying heights, I’m stuck with my 2-set and half-valour, half-LFR gear. The only thing I’ve upgraded is my weapon, and that’s cost me yet more valour that could have been spent on, say, better legs – a choice I made because seriously, it could only be a couple of weeks before I get a drop, right? I mean, it’s been months. But no.

Skill beats gear, and I know that. It’s demoralising, though, and it’s getting hard to watch other people get stuff. That’s borderline fucking Lex Luthor territory, and I hate myself for it. I hate myself for not being able to accept grinding my supposed fucking enjoyment time away so that I can afford better valour shit, and I hate that I should be glad about all of the genuinely cool stuff my shammy got last week but all I can think about is that it’s not on my main. I hate blizzard’s stupid fucking RNG. I don’t care that their gear rolls are balanced over the entire fucking population, I want my fucking turn to get nice things too.

I hate how many times *I* cropped up in that passage, like it’s a goddamned single-player game.

Hell, even my minimal “skill” is taking a hit. My performance on Garalon this week was way below last week.

Hnh. That passage originally started “In short:”. Yeah, least appropriate opening EU. That’s only the depressive part of the pendulum swing, though. I got a neat transmog axe off Cho’gall HC last night, and my bite-size instances are still cool. We’re killing bosses, and we still have a couple of weeks to hit Terrace before 5.2. I’ve got a new mouse, and while muscle memory confusion is causing things like random Blinding Lights, it’s working out pretty well and once I’m used to it I’ll have quick access to a lot more of my skillset. And last but not least, I’ve been running my warrior in scenarios.

She generates way too much aggro for her damage, I haven’t really got a good handle on the super-sporadic TGF rage management yet, but my word… the mobility. It’s insane. It’s like playing the opening scene of X2. She can be everywhere. Dominance Point has its faults, but from a warrior perspective it’s really one long charge from group to group to leap to intercept to group. ‘Course, charging in ahead of everyone else and hitting Dragon Roar might just be one of the reasons her aggro runs hot…

Parting shot: anyone else *really* wanna see what the goblins are plotting to launch off this thing? Bet it’s gonna be awesome.

Yup, that's the alliance base down there, alright...

Yup, that’s the alliance dock downrange, alright…

Been quietly levelling my shammy, and she hit 90 late last week. Thought process:

  • Guild needs a healer.
  • They kinda count on me to heal, my preference for melee DPS aside.
  • Disc is a train wreck at the moment. That rules out my healing main from Cata.
  • Holy never felt like an archetypal healer… more a prototype healer. Identity issues.
  • Druid healing is not fun. Besides, LW makes me miserable.
  • We already have a pally healer.
  • Shammy’s putting up decent numbers, has a lot of flexibility, and has an interesting toolbox.
  • If I level as Ele then I can use the same gear for healing.

Ele was a competent levelling spec, more than powerful enough with the quest rewards. It handles well for endgame dailies*, and the new functionality where your mana is no longer drained to 0 when switching specs means switching to Resto at the start of a dungeon is no longer an exercise in frustration as the tank refuses to wait the 20-odd seconds for you to drink it back**.

Shammy’s pretty good in dungeons – a balanced mix of cooldowns, HoTs, maintenance and burst healing, with a slight weakness for heavy tank damage, because once those two charges of the Tidal Waves*** buff are down Greater Healing Wave feels like it takes forever to land.

Up until now I’ve been polite.

Blizzard claims that once you hit 90 you shouldn’t need VP/JP gear to get into LFR. Great theory… except that it took me four fucking days to get the gear to get in. That’s not four nights… it’s four days at home all day, nothing but WoW, chain-running HCs. And even then I needed JP gear to replace two slots, and additionally got a crafted staff, a crafted trinket and Sha boots. Number of actual genuine upgrades received from HCs in four fucking days? Six. Six fucking items. Seven if you count a Wicked Witch’s Seal from the Horseman, which I don’t, since none of my other characters will get it. That mish-mash was good enough to finally get me into LFR at 10pm last night, combined with an agi helm that brought my ilvl up to ‘barely good enough’.

This is why people cheat the goddamn ilvl requirements. This is why Blizzard has already had to nerf the ilvl of PvP gear. And now, with PvP gear being easier to grind than valour – and not behind asinine rep grinds – they’ve gone and hotfixed the conquest cap.

There is no reward in playing like this.

The 50% valour of the ancients buff is a joke. It takes so long to cap valour, even on a character that has a literal 2 minute queue time, that by the time I’ve run enough instances to cap I have absolutely no interest in doing so on another character. The fact that we’re back to a daily run bonus for dungeons is ridiculous, and directly contradict the aforementioned valour of the ancients. The time investments required for dailies are way out of whack with the actual rewards for doing them.

Worse, without being able to think in terms of “okay, even if we aren’t doing well this week I’ll still be able to get something with valour“, our guild’s raiders are uncertain. Demoralised. We’re not the best that there is, and we need that little bit of a safety net. What we’re getting instead is a massive screw-you, with a side order of you aren’t good enough for our content if you can’t do it our way.

It isn’t fun to grind away at a goal and make no meaningful progress. It’s frustrating to spend an hour doing dailies for a faction, check back and then see that there’s still weeks left before you hit revered.

Worst of all, for someone like me, is knowing you’ll have to do this on every goddamned character.

No, I’m not inspired by the thought that, after spending weeks to get rep with these disparate factions, I’m going to have to waste half that amount of time per character on each of my alts just to get the patterns they need for crafting and access to some filler gear. Doubling rep on alts is not good enough.

What would I have done? First, made the rep gains from Golden Lotus meaningful, because 100 rep per quest just makes it explicit that they’re a goddamn gate on the factions that I’m actually interested in raising. Secondly, make the damn tabards give rep in dungeons, with the caveat that they can only be bought at Revered, bind to account, and don’t require any particular rep level to wear. The argument that “what character you’re on should matter” only holds water when you haven’t already made stupid grindy achievements and rewards accountwide in the first place, and that’s exactly what reputations are right now. Not to mention that they’re gating basic shit like valour gear. I can understand gating rewards that cost gold, but valour? That’s effectively a) gating us twice on cost and b) denying us the fruits of our fucking labour.

The Tillers are pretty much universally beloved, despite being completely useless for gear and effectively being a daily grind. Why? I have a couple of points in mind:

  • They’re useless for gear, but they’re also not locking any gear away from us. They don’t feel like failing to do them is a punishment, which the gear factions eminently do.
  • Progress is visible. Not only on the farming front; their quests give the sort of rep we’ve come to expect from doing quests or dailies.
  • They have content that isn’t dailies.

Those last two points also apply to the Klaxxi, by the way.

What am I going to do? There are a couple of choices, and all of them suck:

  • Switch to PvP. This was what I was on the verge of doing, and then someone had to go and fuck with Conquest again; not to mention that because of the aforementioned grindy as fuck PvE experience, PvP gearing has been and likely will still be hit with nerfs, because OMG raiders should gear from raids.
  • Keep calm and carry on. I admit that I expected to be a lot angrier than I was when I sat down to write this, but then realised that it’s because I’m depressed. I’m demoralised, frustrated and overall not looking forward to logging in any more. Something’s got to change or I’ll just end up quitting permanently.
  • Level alts. This is probably the best of a bad crop, but the amount of time it takes to level a character in Pandaria combined with the looming timesinks waiting at the cap just make this option feel completely meaningless.
  • Quit until the next tier comes out. This probably means 6 months or so of not playing WoW at all. Voting with my wallet is what I’m currently leaning toward. It feels like amateur dramatics, though, and knowing Blizzard in all of their boneheaded glory they’ll probably do something equally stupid to gate the next tier, so it’d end up effectively being a soft version of a permanent quit. That might actually be the only way I’ll quit, though… I’ve enjoyed the game as long as I’ve played it, and even through melee-hating t11, firetastic t12 and the tedious t13 I’ve never considered quitting.

Expected rage and got whine. Huh. Maybe it’ll be better after we get a few raid bosses down, I don’t know. There aren’t even any MV runs on the calendar for this week, though.

* Chain lightning all the things!

** ‘Course, none of this applies if your tank decides to pull right off the bat before you get a chance to even switch…

*** Possibly not the actual name, I just remember it as “that Riptide/Chain Heal buff”