I read a fair few webcomics, some appearing off and on in the rotation. These are my regular favourites.

Girl Genius

A steampunk tale by the professors Foglio. Quality in terms of story, humour, and art. Helps if you like curvaceous ladies… the authors certainly do.


A comic that is also a puzzle.

Schlock Mercenary

A long-running series by Howard Tayler. Art’s a bit (very) shaky early on, but it’s always interesting.


The comic for people smart enough to know that just being smart isn’t inherently entertaining.

Questionable Content

Sometimes it seems as though everyone on the internet reads this. I’m not entirely sure why I do… 20somethings and their crippling relationship issues shouldn’t be this entertaining.


I’m a bit of a sucker for reversal-type stories, and the characterization of the players on all sides is really well done. Good art, decent writing, very elaborate fight scenes, and no holds barred on the gory aftermath.

Order of the Stick

Dnd-based stick-figure comic. Always good for some fun.

Gunnerkrigg Court

Everything is symbolic. Everything.

Buck Godot, Zap-gun for Hire

A sci-fi-humour comic by the aforementioned professors Foglio. Sadly overlooked, mostly due to the last published comic being over 10 years old – but really worth the time.

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